Puppy Abuse

PETALING JAYA (Jan 25, 2011): A 15-minute video clip of a puppy being abused which was posted on social networking site Facebook (FB) last Friday has gone viral, attracting hundreds of indignant users to post comments, start petitions and share the clip around in an attempt to identify the culprits.

The video depicts a Chinese man with distinctive tattoos on both arms as he roughly handles a small brown poodle, punching and slapping it repeatedly while trying to get it to stand on its hind legs.

Posted by FB user “E L” who claimed to have discovered it on a thumb drive she found on the floor at KLCC, the low quality footage has been “shared” numerous times and stimulated intense discussions and calls for action.

A spokesman for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor stated it is in the midst of investigating the video after being notified of it, and hope to gather enough information to pass on to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for further action.

Although the SPCA said no reliable information has yet surfaced, high traffic has been generated around one FB thread where one user who claims to know the abuser posted details of the man, including his name and car number plate.

The user also said the poodle pup is believed to have died three years ago.

The profile of one female FB user has also been receiving much attention as users voice their suspicions she could be the person taking the video who can be heard conversing with the man in a mixture of Cantonese and Mandarin as he pummels the helpless pup.

SPCA are asking the public to take a look at the video clip posted and come forward if they have any information regarding the video and identity and whereabouts of the man.

Only when enough reliable information has been gathered would they be able to hand it over to the DVS and if necessary, make a police report, they said.

Paws Animal Welfare Society shelter manager Edwin Lim said the NGO had also been receiving many complaints from the public about the video after an article about it was published in a Chinese language newspaper today.

“We are also investigating and doing what we can,” said Lim.

When contacted, a DVS spokesman said they had received several complaints on the matter and that their enforcement officers are investigating the case.

Source: SunDaily

After the “tracking” to hunt this bastard down,finally there’s a result.

Allan Tan the BASTARD who abused the puppy while Doreen Loo the bitch that did the video recording and just know how to say “STOP IT” but didnt take any action to stop the guy..

Seriously if someone manage to capture him and tie him beside the road for people to whack him, i will be there for sure. Damn it. Im sure not only me eh..We gonna do the same thing to that bastard like what he did to the puppy.Fuck it!


One Response to Puppy Abuse

  1. Puppies says:

    We should try to get this out to the whole world to stop these kind of abuses!!! This is just intolerable actions against our cute loyal friends.

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