Bye 2012, Hi 2013!

2012 indeed a great year for me. First its not that shitty compare to 2011..But then, there’re some down moment for me in 2012 too. But who cares?

That’s life. Other than talking the sad one, why not think of the good ones? I agree with what people out there said. is alright to feel down and take a rest. But after that, make sure you are still you. Fight for what you want. When life knocks you down, instead of waking up immediately, lay down and take a nap.

So why 2012 is good for me? I’m not sure why..But it feel like this year I did a lot, know a lot and of course improve a lot.

Firstly, joined a lot of events and seminars. Not only the college-related one, but some personal one. Learnt something from all that and also make myself join in the fun. =) This suddenly reminds me of the trip with my friends to Redang. lol

Also i remember around June was the peak moment of me. I remember that time was so productive. Involve a little bit in Starlites event, became the presenter and speak infront of 100+ people. Works got featured in starlites exhibition, short film are being shown in cinema for a showcase, became the group leader for the Starlites event.

Yes, all this actually occupied my mind until September. After september, everything ends and at least my mind can be slightly more free. When class starts, everything is fine but slowly i started to lost the direction. I remember I told this to Feli..And yeah maybe i’ve taken enough rest..Soon at least i have the determination to fight again.

Other than that, i think i’m kinda happy with the academic results. First year, i’m just a student who really struggle to finish an assignments. All those design works are too hard for me..But when it goes to year 2 seem 1 which is started end of 2011, my results started to get better. Year 2 seem 2..Year 2 seem 3..And the most recent one year 3 seem 1..surprise me soooooo much when i saw the results. Not showing off but i take this as the catalyst for me to work even harder. I don’t announce to everyone my results. But merely said Im reward myself for the results. Seriously i cant believe thats my result when i launched the result page.
I would say it will be perfect if i can score slightly higher in my Motion graphic. But ya, there’s almost too much in our wish. Should happy for what we get. Endless wish. Other than that, i think design method really make me improve so much. Other than design, also all the knowledge,ideas and professionality.
The struggling process is always there since design method 1, design method 2 until design method 3..But what im happy is after all the cruel critique from sookchiung, i always managed to get good comment from her at the end of each sem. It makes me grow up indeed.

Of course there’re much much much much more people that are better than me. But no point to compare to others. Its an endless game. Make sure you are always improving yourself. Thats the matter.

Even you are already veryyyyyy good, but if you already stop improving yourself, there’s nothing to be happy about because soon, someone will surpass u.


Not going to talk too many specific stuffs that happened in this year. Because for me i think there’re just too many things to say..

If im free i will read back all my blog posts in 2012..See what did i do, think, feel in the whole 2012. Not something special but at least its better than previous one.

Everyone that happened to appear in my life in 2012, thanks! Especially those who really inspired me a lot!

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