myBurgerLab @ Seapark

You know..When you are staying in PJ, how can you dont know about BurgerLab right?! Been to quite a few famous burger shops around Subang, so wanted to give myself a try for this most famous burger =)

So we decided to go there for dinner today.

The shop opened at 5pm and believe it onot. There’re people queuing before the shop opens. So we think its better to go there slightly later, like almost 7pm.

Its located at Seapark SS2..When we reached, homaigosh. The queue is super long until the next few shops and inside the shop is cramped with people. We actually waited for more than 30 mins to order.

This is what i ordered. Its called “SayCheese Chicken”..Comes in a set with fries and refillable drinks..Of course all the burgers they provided can choose either beef or chicken. (RM17)

*They also told me they have some secret menu that is not listed in the menu board..Its something like “Elvis burger” or what..Forgotten lol…Just ask them for the secret menu burgers if you want to order*

So how is their burger actually? I think its really nice with the very juicy and thick chicken. And the bread, its very soft and nice to eat because usually sometimes the burgers we eat out there is either the chicken is too hard, bread is too dry etc. But in here, everything is really nicely made! Plus eating with the cheese, homaigosh. Juicy level +1

But just after this one burger, we all feel so damn full! But of course very satisfying=)

*credit to myBurgerLab facebook*

The interior of the shop.

The queue before the shop opens.

After we finish eating, we leave immediately as there’re still a long queue that need a seat.

So if you are there next time, be more considerate and give out ur place to the others once u finish eating haha..

If you are in PJ and still havent been here before, GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Find them on Facebook, or their website, or even their instagram, or their Twitter lol

14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Contact no:
016-316 5129

Operating Hours:
5pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Monday)

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