Hmm..So what’s happening in my life now? I have been abandoning my blog with my random thoughts posts but now somehow something has been get into my life.

So basically i knew you from recent part time jobs. We were assigned for the same tasks in a team. The first few hours, we hardly talk.  The main reason is i thought the other guy in the team was your bf. But from that first few hours, i know you are kinda quiet and cool too! Which actually somehow gives me a good impression.

When event started, we got really really busy! So afterall i have to help you, thats when we actually started to talk..Problems with the customers, somtimes we were blur, that’s how we keep questioning each other with all the blur questions. lol..When we were free for few minutes, we actually talked about what other ppl wear hehe.

You are facing backwards from the stage thus basically you can’t see anything happen on stage. I just observed that you were just being so serious and responsible for the tasks. Whenever we have the few minutes free time, you will just turn your head for a while, and in few seconds later, you turn back to see if there’s anyone coming. When people are shaking their body crazily to the music, you just took all the coupons and tear it one by one so that we can serve those buyers faster. I love the attitude. 🙂

Our tasks involved so much money and i just know that nothing will go wrong with you around. When i know you had to leave early, i was kinda worry and of course a bit sad as that might be the last time we met..After the new batch of people came, i was like thinking how good if you were there to finish everything together with me. I was even sure that how good are you.

I get back home, you keep flashing through my mind..Honestly speaking, close friends who really know me well, i’m not a person who actually has feeling to any girls easily. That is why i can hardly fall in love with anyone. But its all about feelings that i cant control. I’m not saying that i fall in love with you, but its just that you are slightly more special than other girls that i have met. At least i know you are not those “see and go” girl.

I added you on FB but you have not accept and also not read my pm yet. Surprisingly only i know that guy who was in a team with us was not your bf. But sadly, yes you still have a bf. Well, again like what i said, my intention is just to know you more, the rest is all beyond my control. The shocking part is i actually woke up at 5am yesterday, check my fb to see if you replied my message..whattheheck? this just seem so serious because 1)I DON’T CHECK FB VIA PHONE 2)i woke up at 5am just to check if you replied me? 3)I don wake up just because of someone, except past few people that really meant a lot in my life.

Yes, this 4 days, you face is like keep stucking in my mind, and also cant help to keep thinking the moment when we worked together and also your attitude which is like a so big bonus. I kept imaging we can have to much things to talk about. But yes, it’s just imagine. Out of 100%, i can only say i have achieve 0.5%. How? Is there any possibilities we are able to get even closer?

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