2013 is coming to an end

Time flies. Too fast. I thought i just did a 2012 round up not long ago, and now we are reaching 2014 in few days time.

Overall its still been a good year i guess? Of course I think June was the month when i really feel like killing myself uhh..Shall not say why, as its already a past.

As usual, the first 4 months were all just filled with college stuffs. Attending classes, assignment, chilling with friends, attending events(meeting Jason Chen, Chester See, David choi! 🙂  ) And also our first industry interview before we enter the last semester when we were going to have our internship. Omg nervoussss lol..

Then, when we get into the last semester in May, things slowly to get hectic. Busying with graduation stuffs, building our own Soarhigh1008 brand up etc. Full of crazy memories! ❤ I  did blog one long post just for the exhibition one.

Oh ya, May was also the election month in Malaysia, its also a memorable one perhaps? i think for most of the Malaysians. Attended a few talks in my hometown and lastly the biggest BLACKOUT505 event in Stadium KJ! Witnessed 100k people in front of me, seriously the spirit and atmosphere was hard to described.

June, our last semester. Other than busying with our exhibition, final year projects, we were also having our internship. I had mine with other 3 classmates of mine. New experience, new friends. (Y)

Also, i met Running Man hosts, Kim Jong Kook in real person! whee~ Before we actually left TOA, we still able to join the annual event from Multimedia Dept, Starlites!

August, our last month in college, which means the most hectic month it gonna be. Setting up, finalising everything for our exhibition etccccccccc. I still remember how tired everyone was. But still, everything goes perfectly and within our expectation! And most importantly, we won a honorably mention in London International Creative Competition!

September, when everyone slowly having our own schedule and plans. Some were resting, some were having interviews for jobs. After 2 weeks of interview, i’m now settling down myself at VLT.

When started working, knowing new people, learning new things is one of the best thing. But, here comes the cons. Routine repeats everyday. Waking up early for work, workingggggggg, off from work, get home, sleep, waking up early.

One of the good example, December. I love December, because other than work, im still having other things to do which actually adds some fun in my life lol. Schedule was really full, event briefing, junior exhibition launch night, Tiger beer launch night, annual company dinner, friends birthday party, classmates gathering, tech talk etc. Not forgetting we are having 3 public holidays and 3 half day off in work this month! Hahaha..

Christmas falls on December and I do feel i received lots of stuffs this month. First, its a tumbler, t-shirt(from my guardian angle in office), Seagate HDD, portable wireless speaker, and Nokia Lumia 1520! They are all FREE! Thanks Santa!

Hmm..As usual i have my own resolution and wishes, hoping them to come true in 2014. That’s it, chiao~

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