Korea Trip Day 1

Its always my dream to travel to Korea, or more to like me and my ex-classmates dream to go travelling together. After considering for 2830147113820 times, we finally booked our September flight to Korea in April, which gave us a total of 5 months to prepare.

Accommodation is included in the package which we booked from Air Asia, so basically we only started to plan our itinerary like 2-3 months before our trip.

Its already September in a blink of eyes and of course i got so excited for this time to come.

1   10624243_300036863517133_684376457_n

Reached airport in 5am as our flight is in 8am. First time going to KLIA2 and whoa, it looks like shopping mall more than an airport. =)

Its a 6 hours+ flight and woot~

Yay! We are reaching Korea lol.

Landed in Incheon International Airport! It feels so amazing and surreal to know im already here.

Im already in love with the place even though im just in the airport. All the beautiful faces on the billboards, and most importantly, LOVEEEEE all their color mood which look extremely comfortable for the eye. As a designer myself, i tend to be more sensitive to this.

Once settled all the procedures, we then go collect our wifi routers that we already reserved from olleh website(one of the telco provider in Korea). Before i continue writing for our trip, i have to give a big thumbs up for this service. It only took me like 5 minutes to reserve online, and 5 minutes to collect, and we are already able to go online overseas.

The router is able to connect up to 5 devices. and it only cost 5500KRW/day which is only around RM18/day..And each of us only have to pay RM4-5/day..So i really highly recommend this service if you are going to Korea for a vacation and want to go online anytime, anywhere you want.

You can check our the rate for this service from their website (http://roaming.kt.com/renewal/eng/wibro/price_info.asp)


I carry this pack with me everywhere i go.

We then went to get our T-money card in their 7-11 store.
*What it shocks us the most is the person there can speak a lil bit of Mandarin which it ease us so much that time. lol*

T-Money is basically a card that you can use on ur transport(taxi, bus, subway etc). And u can reload it at any reloading machine in the subway station once it runs out of credit.


We first use our T-Money on our transport from Incheon airport to Seoul Station via their train system,AREX(Airport Express). It took us around an hour journey to reach the city. Once we reached Seoul Station, have to change line to another station, Myeong-dong station which is nearer to our guesthouse.


We took Line 4 to Myeong-dong. Frankly speaking, im using Wikipedia throughout the whole trip for their subway system. Its so easy and clear. And we never get lost at all..lol

Ok here comes the interesting part. We walked quite a distance with our big luggages just to transfer the line. When we finally transferred and reached Myeong-dong, we came out at the wrong exit, which is further from our guesthouse. Ya their subway station is so big but yet convenient to the extend that they have around 10 exits at each station for you to come out from, depends on which place you are heading to.. Unfortunately we made a big mistake, a big big mistake. Worse part is, it is raining so freaking heavily that time. Imagine each of us carrying 2 luggages, taking a small umbrealla, losing ourselves in the city. Oh my god..Not just our body is wet, our luggages and bags are wet too. Uhh, but definitely an unforgettable night. After soaking ourselves in the rain for around an hour, we finally manage to locate our guesthouse and proceed our check in at around 7pm.

FYI, we are staying at B My Guesthouse..I have so much to say about this place, in short, it is MEGA-AWESOME. Will be talking about it at another post later.

The first thing we get into the room is to open our luggages and check if our stuffs are wet and then take a good shower. Settled ourselves and our tummy starts growling. Fortunately our guesthouses reception area has a whole list of recommended restaurants nearby to visit to, so at least we won’t have to crack our brain where to eat.

Its our first meal in Korea, so yeah – KOREAN BBQ! Its around 5-10 minutes walking distance and its located at Myeong-dong night market. The place is soooooooooooooooooo happening and big that we still haven’t fully explore the whole place in a week time, will be blogging about that place later too.


This is how Myeong-dong looks like. So happening!

Ta-daa, followed the map and here we are. Gotta admit we are lost at first and having hard time to search for it.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong



Look at their cute menu.


Frames on the wall. Yes thats the cartoonised version of the restaurant owner, who is also a comedian in Korea.


Our food otw! *drooooooling*

[food img]


Oh btw, never know you can have eggs along with korean bbq too! And you can ask for more if you want, its free! The waiter will just bring a big kettle filled with stirred egg and pour it into the small section on the grill stove..I loveeee this so much because im just a hardcore egg lover.


Of course, its recommended by our local friend to try on the bbq with their soju. Yummzzz

Price there is quite reasonable and their staffs are really helpful too.


Had a short walk around the night market before we walked back our guesthouse.



How can we miss out the snacks from the food stalls in myeong-dong right? The fried dumplings, rice cake aka tteokbokki and pancake. NOMZZZZZZ..


This is the exit that is nearest to our guesthouse.

That’s it for day 1! =)

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