Korea Trip Day 2

Day 2. Early morning we went to Gyeongbokgung by subway.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >> Chungmuro (Line4 transfer to Line 3) >> Gyeongbokgung (Line3)

Once you reach Gyeongbokgung station, come out from exit 5 and you will see Gyeongbokgung right in front of you.


The entrance


You have to walk out to the main road to get to the main entrance.

Too bad its closed on Tuesday and we dont know about it! Uhhh..So we just walk around and snap photo and then walk to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.



Somehow it looks weird when such historical palace was just located right beside a busy road.


Waiting for the pedestrian light to go green..Walking to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.




Its us at Gwanghwamun Square!




Visited their centre which explain all the histories in digital (which we dont understand as its all in korean) and we saw many kindergarden kids are there having their school tour.

It was quite hot that time so we just hang around for the air-cond there and we left.

We are planning to go Samcheong-dong but we got no idea how to go as there’s no any subway station nearby. The good thing about Seoul is, you see police EVERYWHERE. So we just asked one of them and he told us to go by shutter bus.


He just told us to take number 11 bus and pointed at our current location as well as where should we get down. We cant read but we know we will be getting down 2 stops after. So there we go.


While waiting for our bus to arrive.

First time sitting bus in Seoul. And we manage to get down at the right place..yeah!!

The first thing we do when we are there is to HUNT FOR FOOD based on our list!


And we ended up at this small hidden alley..Woohoo..Our restaurant is located at the deeper part of the alley..and i love the interior. It gives us a very traditional feel of Korea.


Found it! Our lunch place.


This is what we ordered.


Sorry i have a bias to eggs :p

The food was REALLY nice! I ordered their kimchi soup while my friends order bibimbap, its a signature Korean dish which means mixed rice..Their chicken, fried eggs and all the side dishes taste DA BOMB!


We explore around Samcheong-dong after we finish our lunch..And we saw this! Anyone remember this place? Hehehehee.



Screen Shot 2014-07-31

You will know this place if you watch Running Man.


Gary and Ji Hyo took a photo here as well. Of coz we must do the same too lol

Continue exploring..


Oh yeah we bought our nice spec, hat and some accessories there too.



I really love this place because of the artistic architecture.. Its just different to the big city with all the shopping malls and buildings. And most importantly, the area is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, accessories shop or even art galleries.

If not mistaken, you are able to reach Samcheong-dong by subway, just get down at Anguk Station (Line3).

If you visited Samcheong-dong, make sure to visit Bukchon Hanok Village!


Go to one of the cafe there, Cafe Kona Queens.

Such perfect combination to boost up our energy after long hours of walking.


Saw this scene when we walking. There’re a few groups of policemen with 8-10 in each group. They put their stuffs on the ground, standing there for a while, turn their body and then dismiss. I’m not sure what they are doing but this is really something interesting hahaa.


Next, we walk for around 10 minutes to Insa-dong. Followed the Naver app that i installed in my phone.


Insa-dong is a famous place in Seoul where all the old but precious and traditional goods are on display.


Street performance.

DSC_1863_1 DSC_1867_1 DSC_1871_1   DSC_1878_1 DSC_1880_1



Candid shot of me walking in Insa-dong.


Hello G-DRAGON. Haha one of the reason i love Korea is you are able to see how the shops there display the kpop celebrities, its EVERYWHERE. It makes the whole place look younger and lively, no?



I had this. Haha the shape looks like shit, as in shit literally.

Its a hot bun with red bean filling, its soooo yummy ok..

Oh, i remembered i bought my Starbucks tumbler there.


Its a limited edition tumbler that celebrates their 15 years of excellence in Korea. Look at the design..Damn.

19,000 Won which around RM60+. I bought two and i get 2 free vouchers to redeem free Starbucks drink. Woohooooo.

We travel back our guesthouse with the subway station that is nearest to us that time.

Jonggak(Line1) >> Dongdaemun(Line1 transfer to Line 4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)



Btw, this is the underground shopping centre in Myeong-dong subway station. Well, i wouldn’t call it shopping centre coz its just a few rows of boutiques.

Walking up our way up to our guesthouse. I love the peaceful surrounding there.




We get our rest before we leave for our dinner at Myeong-dong night market.


Our food..Its a whole big plate of chicken with glass noodle , its soooooo spicy but thank god we have rice to go along with it. But this is really nice though as it somehow taste like chinese cuisine. lol

I remembered we ordered the big one but we then realised its too expensive, so we changed it to medium. Medium one already powerful to make our tongue, go numb, i cant believe what if we still go with the big one. hhaha.


Dinner place.


Its a sin if you don’t eat this. My tummy always have space for all the snacks.

Egg bun, i love the texture and taste of the crispy bun. Not sure if its 2000 or 3000 Won.


Another candid shot of me walking in Myeong-dong.


And bought this milk at one of the convenience stall while walking the way back. Its something like vitagen in Malaysia but if you been to Thailand, you have definitely try their vitagen there before. This is not bad, have to admit Thailand one taste better hehee.

Ok, thats it for day 2!

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