Korea Trip Day 3

Day 3, we went to N Seoul Tower in the early morning. Its located on Namsan Mountain and just 5 minutes walk from our guesthouse.


We have to go up the bottom of Namsan Mountain by taking a unique looking elevator lol.

Ticketing counter, car parks are all available there.

If you wish to go up the Namsan Mountain by cable car, you can choose a one way trip or round trip, we choose the latter of course.

Its 8500 Won/adult.

You can get more information here.

The cable car only operates once every 10 minutes.

We knew thing just doesn’t go right when we saw heavy fog was around us. Got down from cable car and its freezing cold outside. It was drizzling that time too.


We were taking selfies but guess what, we cant really see the N Seoul Tower which is just right behind us.




Me walking up lol. The wind is so strong that my umbrella almost flew away from me.


We even went up and take a look at the love locks, but look at the sky. The fog covered everything.


Its not an over-exposed sky, but that’s what we really saw that time. My god, so disappointed. Plus i’m still single so the love lock doesn’t really mean a lot to me. #foreveralone


So we walked around the Namsan Park and took some photos before we left.



YAY, lets jump! Its a slope + it was slippery at that time. and we actually took a big risk doing this..We saw many people almost tripped themselves even though they just WALKING..lol.


Love the path colors =)

We all felt so disappointed and promised to come again on the next few days if weather is good. And we did it! Read on the Day 4 blog post for more photos =)

Back to Myeong-dong and we straight away took the subway to Hongdae Area.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >>Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line4 transfer to Line2) >> Hongik University (Line2)



Hongdae actually comes from Hongik Daehakgyo aka Hongik University which is one of the nation’s top fine arts colleges in South Korea. The area is well know for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression.


I dunno why i love taking photos of the messy cables when i go travel at different countries.

We were too hungry to explore the place so we decided to hunt for the korean bbq restaurant, Pal Ja Mak Chang that run by one of the Running Man hosts, HAHA..

We just followed the map that we printed from this blog previously. If you wish to visit to HAHA’s restaurant, just followed the map and you will reach there easily! We saw his face on a bunting outside the restaurant. But the restaurant appearance somehow looked different from the photos we saw online..


And only we realised the shop was not opened yet..Grrrrr, but then we were too hungry to wait for it. So we just went to a restaurant nearby to settle our tummy. As what we knew, sometimes HAHA will be there to serve you! So pray before you go lol.





Seafood ramen with cheese. Yumzzzzz..Oh i love this drink too =) Tastes like barley water in Malaysia..I remember this meal was really cheap as it only costs 14000 Won for 4 of us.

We were having a hard time communicating with the waiter haha. And i can feel his frustration for not able to speak a good english to us lol..So he asked us if we were from China, we told him its Malaysia. This is how he react “OHHHH! *making the airplane hand gesture*” So we knew he was referring to either MH370 or MH17 incidents. Seriously, all these come to their mind immediately when they think of Malaysia..Sigh.


Now time to shop! =)




Saw this at one of the ice cream shop. Not sure what the guy did though..Everyone just stepped in the dreamy smoke effect and took photos lol. Felt like we were in heaven huh.



Oh btw, if you are fan of YG Family, their building located not far from here. If you are lucky, you might have to chance to bump into Big Bang? Hahhaa.

After walking till late evening, we took the subway back to Myeong-dong. God knows why we actually walked to the wrong place in the subway station, we saw almost EVERYONEEEE was running, like real fast, except us..Usually this doesn’t happened in normal subway station lol. And then we realised we were actually going to use AREX, which is their Airport Express train system. Luckily we asked one of the kind soul there, he told us he’s going to Seoul Station too and we can reach there by that train.

Hongik University (AREX) >>Seoul Station (AREX transfer to Line4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)

*By right we should just take the subway back to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park and transfer there.*

Anyway we still managed to get down safely at Seoul Station. *clap clap*

Oh yes! As usual we walked around Myeong-dong till late night and we decided to hunt for Kang Ho Dong fried chicken that recommended by our friends as well as some of the blogs on the internet. If you remember i blog about Kang Ho Dong Korean BBQ on day 1 post, we went back to the place and they told us they don’t sell fried chicken there. Hmm..

So we walked to the tourist information centre nearby and showed her the photos from my phone. She immediately took out a map and drew the direction out on the map within 5 seconds..


Frankly speaking, until now i still dont know how this shop relate to Kang Ho Dong. I just know its this place is called Chicken678. You can find out from their website http://www.chicken678.co.kr/

Anyway, we ordered their fried chicken.



The menu


One set of Regular Sauce Chicken for 4 of us. Wanted to order their Hot Bomb Sauce Chicken but my friends were afraid that its too spicy..

Oh-mai-gawd! So nice! I think what makes it special is you won’t get turned off by eating too much..Its also not that oily compared to fried chicken in Malaysia. We actually came back here 3 days later with beer this time haha.

I guess thats it for Day 3! =)

Korea Trip Day 2

Day 2. Early morning we went to Gyeongbokgung by subway.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >> Chungmuro (Line4 transfer to Line 3) >> Gyeongbokgung (Line3)

Once you reach Gyeongbokgung station, come out from exit 5 and you will see Gyeongbokgung right in front of you.


The entrance


You have to walk out to the main road to get to the main entrance.

Too bad its closed on Tuesday and we dont know about it! Uhhh..So we just walk around and snap photo and then walk to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.



Somehow it looks weird when such historical palace was just located right beside a busy road.


Waiting for the pedestrian light to go green..Walking to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.




Its us at Gwanghwamun Square!




Visited their centre which explain all the histories in digital (which we dont understand as its all in korean) and we saw many kindergarden kids are there having their school tour.

It was quite hot that time so we just hang around for the air-cond there and we left.

We are planning to go Samcheong-dong but we got no idea how to go as there’s no any subway station nearby. The good thing about Seoul is, you see police EVERYWHERE. So we just asked one of them and he told us to go by shutter bus.


He just told us to take number 11 bus and pointed at our current location as well as where should we get down. We cant read but we know we will be getting down 2 stops after. So there we go.


While waiting for our bus to arrive.

First time sitting bus in Seoul. And we manage to get down at the right place..yeah!!

The first thing we do when we are there is to HUNT FOR FOOD based on our list!


And we ended up at this small hidden alley..Woohoo..Our restaurant is located at the deeper part of the alley..and i love the interior. It gives us a very traditional feel of Korea.


Found it! Our lunch place.


This is what we ordered.


Sorry i have a bias to eggs :p

The food was REALLY nice! I ordered their kimchi soup while my friends order bibimbap, its a signature Korean dish which means mixed rice..Their chicken, fried eggs and all the side dishes taste DA BOMB!


We explore around Samcheong-dong after we finish our lunch..And we saw this! Anyone remember this place? Hehehehee.



Screen Shot 2014-07-31

You will know this place if you watch Running Man.


Gary and Ji Hyo took a photo here as well. Of coz we must do the same too lol

Continue exploring..


Oh yeah we bought our nice spec, hat and some accessories there too.



I really love this place because of the artistic architecture.. Its just different to the big city with all the shopping malls and buildings. And most importantly, the area is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, accessories shop or even art galleries.

If not mistaken, you are able to reach Samcheong-dong by subway, just get down at Anguk Station (Line3).

If you visited Samcheong-dong, make sure to visit Bukchon Hanok Village!


Go to one of the cafe there, Cafe Kona Queens.

Such perfect combination to boost up our energy after long hours of walking.


Saw this scene when we walking. There’re a few groups of policemen with 8-10 in each group. They put their stuffs on the ground, standing there for a while, turn their body and then dismiss. I’m not sure what they are doing but this is really something interesting hahaa.


Next, we walk for around 10 minutes to Insa-dong. Followed the Naver app that i installed in my phone.


Insa-dong is a famous place in Seoul where all the old but precious and traditional goods are on display.


Street performance.

DSC_1863_1 DSC_1867_1 DSC_1871_1   DSC_1878_1 DSC_1880_1



Candid shot of me walking in Insa-dong.


Hello G-DRAGON. Haha one of the reason i love Korea is you are able to see how the shops there display the kpop celebrities, its EVERYWHERE. It makes the whole place look younger and lively, no?



I had this. Haha the shape looks like shit, as in shit literally.

Its a hot bun with red bean filling, its soooo yummy ok..

Oh, i remembered i bought my Starbucks tumbler there.


Its a limited edition tumbler that celebrates their 15 years of excellence in Korea. Look at the design..Damn.

19,000 Won which around RM60+. I bought two and i get 2 free vouchers to redeem free Starbucks drink. Woohooooo.

We travel back our guesthouse with the subway station that is nearest to us that time.

Jonggak(Line1) >> Dongdaemun(Line1 transfer to Line 4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)



Btw, this is the underground shopping centre in Myeong-dong subway station. Well, i wouldn’t call it shopping centre coz its just a few rows of boutiques.

Walking up our way up to our guesthouse. I love the peaceful surrounding there.




We get our rest before we leave for our dinner at Myeong-dong night market.


Our food..Its a whole big plate of chicken with glass noodle , its soooooo spicy but thank god we have rice to go along with it. But this is really nice though as it somehow taste like chinese cuisine. lol

I remembered we ordered the big one but we then realised its too expensive, so we changed it to medium. Medium one already powerful to make our tongue, go numb, i cant believe what if we still go with the big one. hhaha.


Dinner place.


Its a sin if you don’t eat this. My tummy always have space for all the snacks.

Egg bun, i love the texture and taste of the crispy bun. Not sure if its 2000 or 3000 Won.


Another candid shot of me walking in Myeong-dong.


And bought this milk at one of the convenience stall while walking the way back. Its something like vitagen in Malaysia but if you been to Thailand, you have definitely try their vitagen there before. This is not bad, have to admit Thailand one taste better hehee.

Ok, thats it for day 2!

Korea Trip Day 1

Its always my dream to travel to Korea, or more to like me and my ex-classmates dream to go travelling together. After considering for 2830147113820 times, we finally booked our September flight to Korea in April, which gave us a total of 5 months to prepare.

Accommodation is included in the package which we booked from Air Asia, so basically we only started to plan our itinerary like 2-3 months before our trip.

Its already September in a blink of eyes and of course i got so excited for this time to come.

1   10624243_300036863517133_684376457_n

Reached airport in 5am as our flight is in 8am. First time going to KLIA2 and whoa, it looks like shopping mall more than an airport. =)

Its a 6 hours+ flight and woot~

Yay! We are reaching Korea lol.

Landed in Incheon International Airport! It feels so amazing and surreal to know im already here.

Im already in love with the place even though im just in the airport. All the beautiful faces on the billboards, and most importantly, LOVEEEEE all their color mood which look extremely comfortable for the eye. As a designer myself, i tend to be more sensitive to this.

Once settled all the procedures, we then go collect our wifi routers that we already reserved from olleh website(one of the telco provider in Korea). Before i continue writing for our trip, i have to give a big thumbs up for this service. It only took me like 5 minutes to reserve online, and 5 minutes to collect, and we are already able to go online overseas.

The router is able to connect up to 5 devices. and it only cost 5500KRW/day which is only around RM18/day..And each of us only have to pay RM4-5/day..So i really highly recommend this service if you are going to Korea for a vacation and want to go online anytime, anywhere you want.

You can check our the rate for this service from their website (http://roaming.kt.com/renewal/eng/wibro/price_info.asp)


I carry this pack with me everywhere i go.

We then went to get our T-money card in their 7-11 store.
*What it shocks us the most is the person there can speak a lil bit of Mandarin which it ease us so much that time. lol*

T-Money is basically a card that you can use on ur transport(taxi, bus, subway etc). And u can reload it at any reloading machine in the subway station once it runs out of credit.


We first use our T-Money on our transport from Incheon airport to Seoul Station via their train system,AREX(Airport Express). It took us around an hour journey to reach the city. Once we reached Seoul Station, have to change line to another station, Myeong-dong station which is nearer to our guesthouse.


We took Line 4 to Myeong-dong. Frankly speaking, im using Wikipedia throughout the whole trip for their subway system. Its so easy and clear. And we never get lost at all..lol

Ok here comes the interesting part. We walked quite a distance with our big luggages just to transfer the line. When we finally transferred and reached Myeong-dong, we came out at the wrong exit, which is further from our guesthouse. Ya their subway station is so big but yet convenient to the extend that they have around 10 exits at each station for you to come out from, depends on which place you are heading to.. Unfortunately we made a big mistake, a big big mistake. Worse part is, it is raining so freaking heavily that time. Imagine each of us carrying 2 luggages, taking a small umbrealla, losing ourselves in the city. Oh my god..Not just our body is wet, our luggages and bags are wet too. Uhh, but definitely an unforgettable night. After soaking ourselves in the rain for around an hour, we finally manage to locate our guesthouse and proceed our check in at around 7pm.

FYI, we are staying at B My Guesthouse..I have so much to say about this place, in short, it is MEGA-AWESOME. Will be talking about it at another post later.

The first thing we get into the room is to open our luggages and check if our stuffs are wet and then take a good shower. Settled ourselves and our tummy starts growling. Fortunately our guesthouses reception area has a whole list of recommended restaurants nearby to visit to, so at least we won’t have to crack our brain where to eat.

Its our first meal in Korea, so yeah – KOREAN BBQ! Its around 5-10 minutes walking distance and its located at Myeong-dong night market. The place is soooooooooooooooooo happening and big that we still haven’t fully explore the whole place in a week time, will be blogging about that place later too.


This is how Myeong-dong looks like. So happening!

Ta-daa, followed the map and here we are. Gotta admit we are lost at first and having hard time to search for it.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong



Look at their cute menu.


Frames on the wall. Yes thats the cartoonised version of the restaurant owner, who is also a comedian in Korea.


Our food otw! *drooooooling*

[food img]


Oh btw, never know you can have eggs along with korean bbq too! And you can ask for more if you want, its free! The waiter will just bring a big kettle filled with stirred egg and pour it into the small section on the grill stove..I loveeee this so much because im just a hardcore egg lover.


Of course, its recommended by our local friend to try on the bbq with their soju. Yummzzz

Price there is quite reasonable and their staffs are really helpful too.


Had a short walk around the night market before we walked back our guesthouse.



How can we miss out the snacks from the food stalls in myeong-dong right? The fried dumplings, rice cake aka tteokbokki and pancake. NOMZZZZZZ..


This is the exit that is nearest to our guesthouse.

That’s it for day 1! =)

Coffee ETC @ Oasis Square Ara Damansara

Been passing by this cafe called Coffee ETC but never really get to try it because they used to only open until 8pm. And today i passed by this cafe again and its still opened. So decided to give it a try and only realised they already extend their business hours until 11pm. yay!

Since i have not had my dinner yet, thinking to have a light food there, so i ordered an egg croissant and a strong ice latte.

My egg croissant (RM8.90). Tastes good and its in quite a big size though. Love it.

Iced latte (RM10.90)..You can choose either its just normal or slightly stronger. Of course slightly stronger one for me hehe.

Not just coffee but also a good place for you to get your meal settled here. From cakes, pasta, pastries, cakes and even rice..Awesome environment too with nice music, but one thing i feel for this place is the food is slightly overpriced though.

Sadly i couldn’t find their Facebook page.

Its located at Oasis Square Ara Damansara, hidden at a corner lots where most people don’t pass by. Its located right opposite to Epiphany Cafe and same row with 7-11.

E-G-08 Block E
Oasis Square 2A
Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Oasis Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.

Seven Cups @ Empire Damansara

Visited to Empire Damansara which is just right opposite my workplace, decided to give it a try at Seven Cups in the early morning.

Its on the corner lot, located right next to Aussilia, or opposite to Texas Chicken.

Went there in the super early morning right after gym on Saturday, when one of the staff just opened the shop and was doing all the preparation. So he allowed my request enter first so i can shoot and explore around. hehe.

Look at the harsh shadow


As you can see their interior was rather simple though, with some very minor decorations. But their “milky” theme actually looks refreshing for me with combination of cool and very light brown color. Different from those usual heavily wood or chalkboard feeling.

Look at their counter, they also don’t have a huge ass chalkboard menu on the board, big coffee machine and they even display their cakes at one small corner on the right. Everything was really simple.


Its just me alone so just ordered their full white milk coffee (RM11). Hmm, i wouldn’t call it great but its really not bad though. 🙂 I’m definitely coming back again soon to try more of their stuffs.

Visit their Facebook page for more info

G-25, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8
47800 Damansara Perdana

Business hour
Mon10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Wed – Thu10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Fri – Sun10:30 am – 8:00 pm

Contact num
03-4065 0037

Thinking Of You Fan Meeting Show in Malaysia

Yeah! It’s my first concert that i spent my money on. Big Bang fan meeting in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach but with exception of Dae Sung and TOP.

The queuing crowd was really organised, not that crazy as i expected. Big thumbs up to the organiser, IME Production..Fans have their own queue time according to their ticket batch number..

Security check before getting into the main entrance, then its our first ticket check. When we are walking half way, second ticket check and third ticket check when we are getting into our zone area.

Organiser played all the Big Bang and also 2NE1’s MVs before event started. VIP’s already started screaming, singing along to all the MVs.

MyFM DJ, Royce host the event, started off with some jokes, picking some lucky fans that get to go up to stage and interact with big bang!

ALIVE was playing and boom! 3 of them was elevated up! OMGGG, cant believe get to see them right in front my eyes.. Seriously i was damn excited laa..It was raining but yet everyone was still so HIGH! Rain cant stop VIPs! 🙂

3 lucky fans went up to stage and paired up with GD, Taeyang and Seungri to get dressed by them personally based on the theme they chose! WOWWWW, seriously their body contact was f*cking crazy loll..GD borrowed his partner his sunglass, Seungri and Taeyang hugged their partners, I bet almost everyone was jealous eh! hahaa.

The cosplaying game ended and TaeYang kickstarted the event with his solo.

Then its the poor Seungri, he lost his voice he can hardly speak..But still he entertained us a lot! Still amazing!

He’s all wet

G-Dragon! As usual, its still so surreal to see him in less than 10m from me! Never fail to hype up everyone!

It was still raining quite heavily but who cares.. everyone was still indulging themselves in the amazing atmosphere, not forgetting about the 3 members, still enjoying their performance under the rain. *RESPECT*

Taeyang – Ringa Linga


Seungri – Gotta Talk To You


G-Dragon – One Of a Kind


G-Dragon – Crayon


Big Bang – Fantastic Baby


They performed 15 songs in total and that’s it.

Last but not least, manage to witness the YG dancers, Hi-TECH danced right in front of me. Dang, they are really one dope dance team!

I feel its a bit short though but well, this is a fan meeting not a concert. But i still love it..An unforgettable night indeed!



Thinking Of You Fan Meeting Show in Malaysia


Big Bang fans, take note! G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri will be making their appearance in their Thinking Of You fan meeting in Malaysia! This time they are meeting fans in an open area, Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! Woohoo! Beach party? 🙂 Yes i’m definitely going! Thank you IME Productions for bringing them to meet with their fans!

G-DRAGON, TAEYANG and SEUNGRI, the 3 Members of “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG, will hold their first ever fan event “Thinking Of You”  in Malaysia on March 16 (Sunday) 2014, 6:30p.m. at Sunway Surf Beach, organized by IME Productions.

This is the first official show of the 3 members following the successfully held BIGBANG “ALIVE” TOUR 2012 in MALAYSIA as well as G-DRAGON “ONE OF A KIND” in MALAYSIA 2013. In order to express their love and gratitude for the VIPs (official name of BIGBANG’s fans), K-Pop fans as well as music lovers, the 3 members managed to spare time amidst their busy work schedule to visit Malaysia to meet with their beloved fans.

Grab you tickets now via online http://www.ticketcharge.com.my or call 03-9222 8811 or visit TicketCharge outlets(Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center , Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet)!

Da Mouth & Dj Tenashar Live In Concert @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Last Saturday, Taiwan Hip Hop group, Da Mouth 大嘴巴 rocked on Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach..Event is proudly presented by Hotlink and organised by JS Concert. Along with 大嘴巴, DJ Leng Yein, DJ Tenashar, DJ Nikki etc were also part of the performers of that night.

Thanks Hotlink for the VIP passes.

Photo courtesy of JS Concert

We entered at around 6+pm. Crowd was not that many and DJ Nikki was spinning that time.

She was looking really cool though! And only saw her smiled once she took off her shades..lol.

Uh, no offense, but it’s kinda boring though and next, DJ Leng Yein! Haha..As usual, all the funny stuffs she said once she came out, for some might be offensive, but i think she’s just trying to make everyone laugh lol.

Err..I guaranteed most of the guys don’t know where to focus eh..Haha..

Using the gun to spray the cool airs.

She performed for around half and hour and left. Well, i think hers one was not bad!

Then here comes the climax, which everyone was waiting for,大嘴巴! I remembered i was listening to their songs 7 years ago when they first debuted. Oh damn, so much memories and they performed so many old and new songs. LOVE IT! And we are just like less than 5 metres away 😉

The female vocal, Ai Sa 爱莎! ❤ Looking cute and pretty!

The swaggy MC 40


DJ 宗華

Big thumbs up to 大嘴巴 for the great performance. But sadly, they stayed much shorter than i expected. 😦 Was expecting they stay longer though.

Next and last performer, DJ Tenashar from Singapore!

Every guy must be nose-bleeding at the moment when she came out eh..Unfortunately, technical issue happened when she was trying to set up everything, and they used around 20 minutes to fix it. It’s just so killjoy and i don’t even enjoy her performance right after that. When she spinned for a while, problems with her headphones again. Oh no, and we left. Its just wasting too much time.

But yeah overall had fun during that event and having DJ to party with us from evening till night was definitely a big enjoyment as well! 🙂

Looking forward to the next one!

View official photo gallery for more photos.

Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Malaysia

Its been a month ago, when one of the top hit Korean variety show Running Man’s host, Lee Kwang Soo came to Malaysia for his fan meeting! Everyone was so hyped up as this was the first Running Man-related event in Malaysia and of course get to meet Kwang Soo in real person! Thanks to JS Concert Productions for bringing him here.

Thanks to Astro for the free passes to the fan meeting.

Then, thanks to JS Concert for the meet and greet session as well! Which means i’m going to see him really upclose!

Received message from them regarding the meet and greet event details. And made my trip all the way to Hilton hotel KL!

Then, staff from the organiser brought some of us up to a private waiting room while Kwang Soo was doing his radio and press interview in the room next to us.

After waiting for a bit, finally we get to go in to his room. OMGGG, i can’t believe Kwang Soo is just right in front of me! He’s damn tall in person and of course looking great in his smart outfit as he seldom have a smart look on Running Man ahaa..

Yeah, we shook hand wit him, took pic and camwhore with him. 🙂 Didn’t really have a chat as he’s really rushing for another schedule 😦

A group photo before we left. 🙂 It was really memorable as its like a super duper rare chance!

This photo was also featured by Running Man facebook page which get 10+k likes. Amazinggg 🙂

After the event, hanged out at KWC mall while waiting for Jooyee to join me for lunch. We spent around 4 hours walking around to wait for the event to start.

Part of the queue. Amazing crowd while waiting for the gate to open. Since its sponsored by LINE app, organiser distribute LINE fans on the spot as well so everyone get to fan themselves lol.

Yeah, this was where the event took place, KWC Star Stage! Fans were going in slowly to have their seat. While waiting for the event to start, everyone was busy camwhoring, taking pics with the posters lol.

Everyone screamed when the host came out. 8tv host, Baki was the host for the event night! He’s really one brilliant man because he’s a Malay but yet he able to understand and speak Mandarin which actually makes the whole communication so much more convenient.

Let’s see some nice photos of the fan meeting night.
*Photo courtesy of JS Concert*

Every idol came with hardcore fans and they flew all the way from Hong Kong just to support Kwang Soo. .And look at how well-prepared they were..Banners, headgear, posters, LED board, customised giraffe balloons etc.. Big respect!

Kickstarted the event with him singing..Then playing games.

His singing is not perfect but i really love it!

How can he not performed his signature robot dance right?! hahaha.

Amazing crowd..

There’re a few game sessions with different games and the fans were all picked randomly by Kwang Soo himself..he was so friendly to everyone that get up to stage, shook hand politely with everyone and even hug them.

The acting game with his truly epic expression..

Haha he fed one of his fan with cakes and gave her rose! Girls, don’t jealous alright lol

Gwiyomi while “flirting” with another lucky fan.

Also the Q&A session to see how well the fans understand him. The last “surviving” 10 fans able to get to the stage and he signed the special designed t-shirt for them on the spot.

He kneeled down just to sign. This is one of the reason why i like him so much! So friendly and don’t create barriers with his fans. Throughout the whole event, he keep bowing to fans, kneeled down to please his fans etc!

His “pa-bo” face again, trying all sorts of ways just to make his fans laugh.

HAHA. I think everyone remembers this moment for sure! When Kwang Soo was sooooooo into answering the questions, and he spoke Korean to Baki instead of the translator! hahha..He was so embarrassed right after that.

They also played a short video that his fanclub members did for him, showcasing all his works throughout his career so far. Truly touching and i believe it moved quite a lot of people.

He must be feeling so touching. Wiped his tears after the video finished playing. 

Sang his last song before the whole fan meeting ends. Went down the stage and caused the whole crowd go crazy as everyone ran all the way to the front just to shake hand with him. But the security was pretty strict.

Again, kneeled down to thanks everyone. Frankly speaking, not every celebrities are willing to do this.

Then VVIP pass holders get to go up the stage to get his autographed poster and also a hi-5 with him.

When event ended, the lift was all full with people and the whole multi-story carpark traffic was full of cars. Used half and hour just to get out from the car park. Power of Running Man, power of Lee Kwang Soo. He flew back to Korea right after his fan meeting ended. Such a busy man.

I was soo tired after that. From the meet and greet session in the early morning till the fan meeting that ended at night..Been seeing his face everywhere and hearing his name the whole day..I swear it was really AMAZING! A day to remember..Thanks Astro and JS Concert for having me!

Visit official fan meeting gallery for more photos.

Tryst Cafe @ SS15

I have never heard of this place until i came across with a blog post and decided to give it a hunt. Yes its located at Subang SS15. If you are familiar with that area, its just located opposite Pelita Restaurant or just a few shops beside KFC.

Looking at their menu, i would say their price is reasonable. They are not only serving coffee and cakes, its also a great place for you to settle your breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

So i ordered their hot chocolate since i’m craving for it. Today is not a coffee day haha. Hehe i love the art. Btw, i LOVE their hot chocolate. Everything taste just right and the temperature was perfect!

One plus point for it was one of the barista actually came towards and asked how’s their hot chocolate, issit anything to improve on or what. (Y)

As you can see, their interior was not that great and nice compared to other more decent cafes, things were rather messy though. But i would definitely visit here again to try on their coffee!

Coffee lovers, you should really give here a try!

Visit their Facebook page for more info.

74 Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours
10am – 1am (Everyday except Friday & Saturday)
10am – 2am (Friday & Saturday)

Artisan Roast HQ

As you know I did blog about a few coffee places i have visited in the past few months like Epiphany, Pacific Coffee, Flat White Subang, Garage51, Coffea Coffee etc..However, there’re always few big names that were mentioned by coffee lovers. One of them was Artisan Roast.

Artisan Roast was listed one of the 20 must-visit cafes in Klang Valley. And everyone was talking about their cheese cake! However, this time i went to the one in Seksyen 13!

If you are going via your GPS, do not freak out if you feel your GPS somehow bringing u to the wrong place..Because its located at an industrial area, quite a hidden place though lol.

The place is quite spacious though with few different types of tables that able to fit diff amount of people. When im there, the whole place is quite empty, which makes it feel relaxing and peaceful.

There’re two levels for seating. And also outdoor seating as well.

Latte(RM11) and cheesecake (RM10). Price is stillllll reasonable la, because their cheesecake is quite a big slice though and IT’S REALLY NICEEEEEE.

Had my first bite on the cheesecake and a sip of latte after that, oh my gosh, i feel like i’m in heaven. What a perfect combination! They have other types of cakes as well, but seriously this is a must-try.

For their coffee, i really love it! The whole experience is just great, with a perfect temperature that suit me a lot..*not sure if you can request for a different coffee art, i didn’t ask*

Nice coffee, nice cake, nice ambience. A great place to chill out with friends/ family while enjoying good music at the same time 🙂 Well, this definitely my most fav coffee place so far and definitely going to come here again.

p/s: just something that i don like, the self-service. haha, ops im a lazy person and i think it will be good if there’s someone to serve us. hmmm..also for those clumsy ass, you no need to worry you might spill your coffee or drop your cakes loll.

You can visit their Facebook page or website for more info.

Jalan 13/2, S13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact no
03-7931 8978

Business hour
8.00am-12.00am (Mon-Sun)

2013 is coming to an end

Time flies. Too fast. I thought i just did a 2012 round up not long ago, and now we are reaching 2014 in few days time.

Overall its still been a good year i guess? Of course I think June was the month when i really feel like killing myself uhh..Shall not say why, as its already a past.

As usual, the first 4 months were all just filled with college stuffs. Attending classes, assignment, chilling with friends, attending events(meeting Jason Chen, Chester See, David choi! 🙂  ) And also our first industry interview before we enter the last semester when we were going to have our internship. Omg nervoussss lol..

Then, when we get into the last semester in May, things slowly to get hectic. Busying with graduation stuffs, building our own Soarhigh1008 brand up etc. Full of crazy memories! ❤ I  did blog one long post just for the exhibition one.

Oh ya, May was also the election month in Malaysia, its also a memorable one perhaps? i think for most of the Malaysians. Attended a few talks in my hometown and lastly the biggest BLACKOUT505 event in Stadium KJ! Witnessed 100k people in front of me, seriously the spirit and atmosphere was hard to described.

June, our last semester. Other than busying with our exhibition, final year projects, we were also having our internship. I had mine with other 3 classmates of mine. New experience, new friends. (Y)

Also, i met Running Man hosts, Kim Jong Kook in real person! whee~ Before we actually left TOA, we still able to join the annual event from Multimedia Dept, Starlites!

August, our last month in college, which means the most hectic month it gonna be. Setting up, finalising everything for our exhibition etccccccccc. I still remember how tired everyone was. But still, everything goes perfectly and within our expectation! And most importantly, we won a honorably mention in London International Creative Competition!

September, when everyone slowly having our own schedule and plans. Some were resting, some were having interviews for jobs. After 2 weeks of interview, i’m now settling down myself at VLT.

When started working, knowing new people, learning new things is one of the best thing. But, here comes the cons. Routine repeats everyday. Waking up early for work, workingggggggg, off from work, get home, sleep, waking up early.

One of the good example, December. I love December, because other than work, im still having other things to do which actually adds some fun in my life lol. Schedule was really full, event briefing, junior exhibition launch night, Tiger beer launch night, annual company dinner, friends birthday party, classmates gathering, tech talk etc. Not forgetting we are having 3 public holidays and 3 half day off in work this month! Hahaha..

Christmas falls on December and I do feel i received lots of stuffs this month. First, its a tumbler, t-shirt(from my guardian angle in office), Seagate HDD, portable wireless speaker, and Nokia Lumia 1520! They are all FREE! Thanks Santa!

Hmm..As usual i have my own resolution and wishes, hoping them to come true in 2014. That’s it, chiao~

47 Ronin

The outcast Kai (Reeves), illegitimate son of a British sailor and a Japanese peasant woman, joins a group of Ronin, led by Kuranosuke Oishi (Sanada), who seeks vengeance on Lord Kira (Asano), a ruthless man who killed their master and banished the group. The Ronin embark on a journey with challenges that would defeat most warriors.

Been getting quite a lot of positive reviews for this. Quite a big fan of Samurai movies also, so yeah.

Storyline wise, I think its pretty there. But somehow the ending is not really impactful enough. I shall not elaborate too much to prevent spoiler. But ya i just feel the ending could be even much better, currently its too “soft” for me lol.

For their CG, i love it! Love the environment, creatures etc. Even though the beast at the beginning might look a bit fake for me.

No comment on casts. Everyone did a pretty good job too! Especially Keanu Reeves, damn this guy never fail to disappoint me. On a side note, Mika looks pretty :p lol

If you love Samurai, this worth for your time definitely.

Rating: 8.5/10

I won a Lumia 1520!






OMG DID I SEE WRONG?! Yes, i just won a Nokia Lumia 1520!

I have been watching every single episodes of Techduology and sometimes they have all the awesome giveaway, but i have win none. Lol.

So after i attend the #TechduoLIVE event last Saturday, i just won myself a Jabra wireless speaker. Then they also announced a Lumia 1520 to be given away, not by lucky draw, but have to blog something about TechduoLIVE.

Well, usually after an event, i will write something about it, same for techduolive. So yeah, just trying my luck at the same time.

Today i was at office browsing thru FB and saw a Techduology post saying winner has announced. I was like “ok, lets see who win.” I don’t even feel nervous lol. And seriously when i saw my name, i was like, AM I DREAMING? DID I JUST WON MYSELF A LUMIA 1520?!

Ahhhhh..Seriously, it came so sudden lol. Thanks Techduology and Nokia Malaysia for this slightly late Xmas present.


#TechduoLIVE 2013

Yes, the long-awaiting TechduoLIVE just happened yesterday!

So what’s TechduoLIVE? An annual event organised by Techduology in 2011! This is the 3rd TechduoLIVE and i been to the 2nd one, so no way i’m going to miss the 3rd one 🙂

Techduology is basically the videocast hosted by Jason Goh aka Smashpop and Ben, DJ from FlyFM that provides tech lovers with the latest tech news, gadget reviews & apps/games. And they have been giving out soooo many big stuffs out throughout these years!

This time its not located at Starbucks, but Coffee Bean at Subang SS15.

Reached there at 2.30pm, and made a new friend there immediately lol:) My lucky draw number, 004!

The first 4 to arrive lol..Hmm the first 50 to arrive were also provided with free food and drinks from Coffee Bean.

Event starts at 3.30pm, but this year somehow something is like missing compared to last year. Last year they have a big projector, amazing audio system, bigger place and christmas song is playing in the background..

At the intro of the event, both hosts said this is the last episode of Techduology, which indeed shocked me. Because i have been watching all their 60+ episodes in the past 2+ years. BUTTTTTT, they said something more exciting is coming soon. Ahh cant wait!

This year, a Malaysian comedian, Kuah Jen Han is invited as a guest. This guy definitely brings a lot of laughter to us! lol.

As usual, its a must for everyone to check-in on foursquare in order to win something and also to tweet with their hashtag, #techduoLIVE. Lol. Other than that, we were also encouraged to tweet as much as we can with #techduoLIVE because a lucky winner will be picked! Haha, smart, thats how #techduoLIVE able to trend at a second place in Malaysia last year.

For the gadget reviews, they cover cool stuffs like Jabra speakers, Muku shutters, Sony qx100 camera lens, Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Vaio, Sony premium headphones!

From the game that we played,  Casetagram, Muku Shutters, the AWSMproject tee, Puma tee, trip to Penang, Jabra portable speakers etc were given out! How awesome is that right..Not only that, someone brought back the Sony headphones that cost Rm1000+ and one of the lucky people that posted about the event on Instagram just won himself a Nokia Lumia 1020!! Crazy? i know. But the game weren’t easy though! haha. Everyone is so gan jiong with all the mistakes they made. lol and you can see how kiasu everyone was:)

One of the karaoke game lol

Event came to the end at 5.30pm, before that, they started to pick one lucky tweet with their hashtag! Ben were scrolling the timeline and Jason pointed  his finger on the screen without looking and it stops at my tweet!!!! It feels sooo surreal when they called out my name. And i just won myself a Jabra Portable speaker! So cooool!

I just unboxed it. Its awesome! Im loving it!

Lastly, they announced they will be giving out Nokia Lumia 1520! WOWWWWWW.

So i watched Jason’s review from Nokia Conference in Dubai about Lumia 1520 months ago. Its just so amazing!

6″ display with Full HD! 2GB ram and memory card storage and up to 64gb, not forgetting with a 7gb of their free cloud storage. Somewhat, i think the camera is what attracted me the most.

Camera with 20megapixels, Pure view. It also has other features like image stabilization, PureView, Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6-lens optics and High resolution zoom 2x.

The whole overall brand new photography features also allowed you for a much better experience for quick editing and sharing them to your social media.

Watch to get amazed

I’m not sure how the new Techduology will be like, but i just hoping more videos from and also the new techduoLIVE next year!


Hmm..So what’s happening in my life now? I have been abandoning my blog with my random thoughts posts but now somehow something has been get into my life.

So basically i knew you from recent part time jobs. We were assigned for the same tasks in a team. The first few hours, we hardly talk.  The main reason is i thought the other guy in the team was your bf. But from that first few hours, i know you are kinda quiet and cool too! Which actually somehow gives me a good impression.

When event started, we got really really busy! So afterall i have to help you, thats when we actually started to talk..Problems with the customers, somtimes we were blur, that’s how we keep questioning each other with all the blur questions. lol..When we were free for few minutes, we actually talked about what other ppl wear hehe.

You are facing backwards from the stage thus basically you can’t see anything happen on stage. I just observed that you were just being so serious and responsible for the tasks. Whenever we have the few minutes free time, you will just turn your head for a while, and in few seconds later, you turn back to see if there’s anyone coming. When people are shaking their body crazily to the music, you just took all the coupons and tear it one by one so that we can serve those buyers faster. I love the attitude. 🙂

Our tasks involved so much money and i just know that nothing will go wrong with you around. When i know you had to leave early, i was kinda worry and of course a bit sad as that might be the last time we met..After the new batch of people came, i was like thinking how good if you were there to finish everything together with me. I was even sure that how good are you.

I get back home, you keep flashing through my mind..Honestly speaking, close friends who really know me well, i’m not a person who actually has feeling to any girls easily. That is why i can hardly fall in love with anyone. But its all about feelings that i cant control. I’m not saying that i fall in love with you, but its just that you are slightly more special than other girls that i have met. At least i know you are not those “see and go” girl.

I added you on FB but you have not accept and also not read my pm yet. Surprisingly only i know that guy who was in a team with us was not your bf. But sadly, yes you still have a bf. Well, again like what i said, my intention is just to know you more, the rest is all beyond my control. The shocking part is i actually woke up at 5am yesterday, check my fb to see if you replied my message..whattheheck? this just seem so serious because 1)I DON’T CHECK FB VIA PHONE 2)i woke up at 5am just to check if you replied me? 3)I don wake up just because of someone, except past few people that really meant a lot in my life.

Yes, this 4 days, you face is like keep stucking in my mind, and also cant help to keep thinking the moment when we worked together and also your attitude which is like a so big bonus. I kept imaging we can have to much things to talk about. But yes, it’s just imagine. Out of 100%, i can only say i have achieve 0.5%. How? Is there any possibilities we are able to get even closer?

Tiger Radler #mydoublerefreshment Launch Party @ KL Live!

Got the exclusive invitation for the Tiger Radler launch party @ KL Live. Event starts at 7pm and ends at around 11pm. But free-flow for their new product is only until 9pm. We rushed there immediately right after work and we only reached there at 8.30pm.

However, we still able to make it in time and get to drink 3 bottles right before the free flow ends.

So whats Tiger Radler? Its a new product by Tiger, a combo combination of Tiger beer and their fresh lemon juice..Hmm, i think i really love this. Finally there’s another option for our drinking session next time lol..Its really refreshing!

Was late to witness the launching..


Guess who we saw? MR SB, our college classmates! Just knowing his company was handling the motion graphic for this Tiger Radler project.

We also get a free t shirt of Tiger Radler by sharing the event on social media by hashtag #myTigerRadler.

Other than that, there’re also two photo booths for guests to have some fun lol.

Before that, we also received this coupon, to get our 4 free bottles after 9pm which is after the free-flow period ends. Awesome! But i only redeem my first bottle because that marks my 3rd – 4th bottle within that 1 hour. Im too full to drink anymore lol. *so wasted right*

Nonetheless, thanks for the invitation and Tiger for organising. Had fun.

For more info, visit Tiger Beer Facebook page


Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe

Brooklyn B is a newly opened cafe that provides New York style bagels. They have a variety of bagels and bagelwiches for dine-in and takeaway.

Begels? Yes, begels! Seriously i have never heard of this before previously haha. I just know that its just famous in those western countries because its easy to eat, light but yet its very filling. Definitely something great to have for breakfast!

My Nutella begels. (RM5.50)

Yup, it looks like doughnut but IT IS NOT! Well, i cant describe how it tastes like, but definitely its not something soft and different from doughnut lol. If you want something even more filling, they have stuffs like burgers etc.

If you are heading there just for some light food, yes, BEGELS! Other than Nutella begels, they also have other options like Cheese, Butter, Peanut butter etc.

Environment is good too! Absolutely a comfy place for you to chill out with your friends or families with combination of begels and tea. And wifi is ready as well. As for people that smokes, places are ready for you too 🙂

Brooklyn B is opened by my senior, yeap a young design graduates that love f&b so much 🙂 All the best Chris!

It is formed by a group of young entrepreneurs that comes from different background. They need your support!

You can visit their Facebook page or their website for more info.

41, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 15/8A, SS15, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
*right opposite Asia Cafe*

Contact no
03-5611 6553

Operating hours
03-5611 6553

Burgertory @ SS15 Subang

If you guys have read my post about expressing my love to myBurgerLab, yes you will know that how much i love their burgers and how famous their burgers are in PJ!

But during college days, i almost pass by this place called Burgertory everyday. And my friends told me they provide good burgers as well!

Finally i tried it! Met up with the usual besties! It has been long time 6 of us never really meet up together, bud sadly another 2 couldn’t make it, if not it’ll be perfect..But nonetheless we all don’t wan to miss out a good chance to hang out on FRIDAY! 6 of us driving all from different locations after work(Mont Kiara, SS2, Damansara, Sunway, KLCC, Timesquare) and met up at Subang. lol.

Good times.

*photo credit to ShannonChow*

The interior..Yeap its kinda with limited seats also.

And this is mine! I ordered SKIPPY BACON! (RM18)

Mine is ala carte set though and if you want them in set (fries and free flow soft drinks), you have to top up additional RM5.

I love beef but trying not to eat it though so this is why i ordered pork burger. But then, I’m A BACON LOVER TOO! lol. Look at the bacon..Gosh. And yes, the bacon are covered with peanut butter also. Wow, perfect combination.

Ok, i personally really love this burger. Burgertory and myBurgerLab have their own best parts, so i shouldn’t compare them together at the first place. If you are burger lover, you should seriously pay your visit to Burgertory as well!

For price wise, i think its still a reasonable price for all the burger joints like that. Environment wise, Burgertory wins! Unlike myBurgerLab, its noisy and you know you have to leave immediately once you finish eating because got stressed over the queue, and also ventilation system is quite bad that you will smell like a burger after you enter the place.

Burgetory is not just a great place for you enjoy your burger, but also good  place to chill  with friends/ family. And you also have a bigger space for you to move around and not so noisy as well. Most importantly, they have a great ventilation system. Its a really comfortable place to dine in.

Too bad i arrived late and everyone’s already started eating. and they said they never snapped their burger pic! AHHH! so no other burger pics for you to drool on.

Its located at the same row with Maybank, CIMB bank. Its on the first floor though, upstairs Guardian.

Anyway, i do really think myBurgerLab and Burgertory are the best burger joints in town. The rest are just so-so i guess. These two really worth for your time and money!

You can visit their Facebook page for more info.

No. 8A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya, Selangor,

Contact no
03-5611 9991

Operating hours
6pm-11pm (Tue-Sun)

Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara

Finally had my steamboat craving fixed! I think the last time i had steamboat is on last year? lol.

Always passed by but didnt really get to eat here.

Yeap its Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara!

We ordered 3 pax ( RM15.50/set). As usual, prawns, crab meat stick, tofu, fishball, eggs etc.

And 2 sets of pork slice! Yumzz..(RM7.90/set)

and we had both Tom yam and clear soup base..nom nom..I love their Tom yam. Spicy enough for me. 🙂

I heard about their signature claypot porridge too but never get to try.

For steamboat price wise, i think its reasonable, that is why they are FULL HOUSE most of the time. Its like only RM10-15 per pax when other place it costs you like around RM20 or even more. One of the reason is that, this is not a steamboat buffet. But still its enough to fill your empty stomach. And food was up to standard too.

They have other outlets in PJ and KL. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

23-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours
5pm – 12am (daily)

Contact no

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