Q: When you start running this weblog?
A: This weblog is running since 2008.

Q: Is this purely just a webblog that is owned by a blogger?
A: Yes.

Q: I realised you have complied a list of drama songs. Is it legal for me to download?
A: When you have reached the page, I supposed you will notice the announcement above. So please read through the disclaimer page.

Q: Why nowadays the songs are not provided with a direct download link?
A: I decided not to add any direct download links for the recent drama songs. But, I will still provide you a link(if any) which direct you to the video itself. Watch it online/ download it depends on yourselves.

Q: Will you still continue to update your song list?
A: Yes.

Q: Which source you get all the latest news from?
A: I got them from many different sources. I will credit it at the bottom of each entry. So do look for it. If you didn’t see any source link, but you wish to know, just leave a comment there. I will reply shortly.

Q: Can you provide me the lyrics for the songs I’ve requested?
A: Sorry, there’re a lot of readers who keep asking for this service. But I couldn’t fulfill you wish. Why not do some searchings yourselves?

Q: All the informations and details here are 100% accurate?
A: NO! Here is just a platform that transfer some interesting news from different sources. Plus I’m not a machine. If you wish to get confirmation, please contact the responsible party.

Q: Do this weblog linked with MediaCorp?
A: I hope Yes. Unfortunately, No and No! Everything was done due to the plain interest of mine.

Q: What camera are you using now for your photoshoot?
A: Nikon D3000 with a speedlight.

Q: Can I copy the images/files from here?
A: Why not? Go ahead. But credit to http://www.shiliang.co.cc if possible. Thanks!

Q: I wish to share some info(links,images,videos,news,bugs,suggestions etc). How can I reach you?
A: Click here.

Q: Do you do advertorials?
A: Yes. Contact me for further details.


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