Da Mouth & Dj Tenashar Live In Concert @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Last Saturday, Taiwan Hip Hop group, Da Mouth 大嘴巴 rocked on Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach..Event is proudly presented by Hotlink and organised by JS Concert. Along with 大嘴巴, DJ Leng Yein, DJ Tenashar, DJ Nikki etc were also part of the performers of that night.

Thanks Hotlink for the VIP passes.

Photo courtesy of JS Concert

We entered at around 6+pm. Crowd was not that many and DJ Nikki was spinning that time.

She was looking really cool though! And only saw her smiled once she took off her shades..lol.

Uh, no offense, but it’s kinda boring though and next, DJ Leng Yein! Haha..As usual, all the funny stuffs she said once she came out, for some might be offensive, but i think she’s just trying to make everyone laugh lol.

Err..I guaranteed most of the guys don’t know where to focus eh..Haha..

Using the gun to spray the cool airs.

She performed for around half and hour and left. Well, i think hers one was not bad!

Then here comes the climax, which everyone was waiting for,大嘴巴! I remembered i was listening to their songs 7 years ago when they first debuted. Oh damn, so much memories and they performed so many old and new songs. LOVE IT! And we are just like less than 5 metres away 😉

The female vocal, Ai Sa 爱莎! ❤ Looking cute and pretty!

The swaggy MC 40


DJ 宗華

Big thumbs up to 大嘴巴 for the great performance. But sadly, they stayed much shorter than i expected. 😦 Was expecting they stay longer though.

Next and last performer, DJ Tenashar from Singapore!

Every guy must be nose-bleeding at the moment when she came out eh..Unfortunately, technical issue happened when she was trying to set up everything, and they used around 20 minutes to fix it. It’s just so killjoy and i don’t even enjoy her performance right after that. When she spinned for a while, problems with her headphones again. Oh no, and we left. Its just wasting too much time.

But yeah overall had fun during that event and having DJ to party with us from evening till night was definitely a big enjoyment as well! 🙂

Looking forward to the next one!

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