Korea Trip Day 3

Day 3, we went to N Seoul Tower in the early morning. Its located on Namsan Mountain and just 5 minutes walk from our guesthouse.


We have to go up the bottom of Namsan Mountain by taking a unique looking elevator lol.

Ticketing counter, car parks are all available there.

If you wish to go up the Namsan Mountain by cable car, you can choose a one way trip or round trip, we choose the latter of course.

Its 8500 Won/adult.

You can get more information here.

The cable car only operates once every 10 minutes.

We knew thing just doesn’t go right when we saw heavy fog was around us. Got down from cable car and its freezing cold outside. It was drizzling that time too.


We were taking selfies but guess what, we cant really see the N Seoul Tower which is just right behind us.




Me walking up lol. The wind is so strong that my umbrella almost flew away from me.


We even went up and take a look at the love locks, but look at the sky. The fog covered everything.


Its not an over-exposed sky, but that’s what we really saw that time. My god, so disappointed. Plus i’m still single so the love lock doesn’t really mean a lot to me. #foreveralone


So we walked around the Namsan Park and took some photos before we left.



YAY, lets jump! Its a slope + it was slippery at that time. and we actually took a big risk doing this..We saw many people almost tripped themselves even though they just WALKING..lol.


Love the path colors =)

We all felt so disappointed and promised to come again on the next few days if weather is good. And we did it! Read on the Day 4 blog post for more photos =)

Back to Myeong-dong and we straight away took the subway to Hongdae Area.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >>Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line4 transfer to Line2) >> Hongik University (Line2)



Hongdae actually comes from Hongik Daehakgyo aka Hongik University which is one of the nation’s top fine arts colleges in South Korea. The area is well know for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression.


I dunno why i love taking photos of the messy cables when i go travel at different countries.

We were too hungry to explore the place so we decided to hunt for the korean bbq restaurant, Pal Ja Mak Chang that run by one of the Running Man hosts, HAHA..

We just followed the map that we printed from this blog previously. If you wish to visit to HAHA’s restaurant, just followed the map and you will reach there easily! We saw his face on a bunting outside the restaurant. But the restaurant appearance somehow looked different from the photos we saw online..


And only we realised the shop was not opened yet..Grrrrr, but then we were too hungry to wait for it. So we just went to a restaurant nearby to settle our tummy. As what we knew, sometimes HAHA will be there to serve you! So pray before you go lol.





Seafood ramen with cheese. Yumzzzzz..Oh i love this drink too =) Tastes like barley water in Malaysia..I remember this meal was really cheap as it only costs 14000 Won for 4 of us.

We were having a hard time communicating with the waiter haha. And i can feel his frustration for not able to speak a good english to us lol..So he asked us if we were from China, we told him its Malaysia. This is how he react “OHHHH! *making the airplane hand gesture*” So we knew he was referring to either MH370 or MH17 incidents. Seriously, all these come to their mind immediately when they think of Malaysia..Sigh.


Now time to shop! =)




Saw this at one of the ice cream shop. Not sure what the guy did though..Everyone just stepped in the dreamy smoke effect and took photos lol. Felt like we were in heaven huh.



Oh btw, if you are fan of YG Family, their building located not far from here. If you are lucky, you might have to chance to bump into Big Bang? Hahhaa.

After walking till late evening, we took the subway back to Myeong-dong. God knows why we actually walked to the wrong place in the subway station, we saw almost EVERYONEEEE was running, like real fast, except us..Usually this doesn’t happened in normal subway station lol. And then we realised we were actually going to use AREX, which is their Airport Express train system. Luckily we asked one of the kind soul there, he told us he’s going to Seoul Station too and we can reach there by that train.

Hongik University (AREX) >>Seoul Station (AREX transfer to Line4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)

*By right we should just take the subway back to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park and transfer there.*

Anyway we still managed to get down safely at Seoul Station. *clap clap*

Oh yes! As usual we walked around Myeong-dong till late night and we decided to hunt for Kang Ho Dong fried chicken that recommended by our friends as well as some of the blogs on the internet. If you remember i blog about Kang Ho Dong Korean BBQ on day 1 post, we went back to the place and they told us they don’t sell fried chicken there. Hmm..

So we walked to the tourist information centre nearby and showed her the photos from my phone. She immediately took out a map and drew the direction out on the map within 5 seconds..


Frankly speaking, until now i still dont know how this shop relate to Kang Ho Dong. I just know its this place is called Chicken678. You can find out from their website http://www.chicken678.co.kr/

Anyway, we ordered their fried chicken.



The menu


One set of Regular Sauce Chicken for 4 of us. Wanted to order their Hot Bomb Sauce Chicken but my friends were afraid that its too spicy..

Oh-mai-gawd! So nice! I think what makes it special is you won’t get turned off by eating too much..Its also not that oily compared to fried chicken in Malaysia. We actually came back here 3 days later with beer this time haha.

I guess thats it for Day 3! =)

Korea Trip Day 2

Day 2. Early morning we went to Gyeongbokgung by subway.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >> Chungmuro (Line4 transfer to Line 3) >> Gyeongbokgung (Line3)

Once you reach Gyeongbokgung station, come out from exit 5 and you will see Gyeongbokgung right in front of you.


The entrance


You have to walk out to the main road to get to the main entrance.

Too bad its closed on Tuesday and we dont know about it! Uhhh..So we just walk around and snap photo and then walk to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.



Somehow it looks weird when such historical palace was just located right beside a busy road.


Waiting for the pedestrian light to go green..Walking to opposite to Gwanghwamun Square.




Its us at Gwanghwamun Square!




Visited their centre which explain all the histories in digital (which we dont understand as its all in korean) and we saw many kindergarden kids are there having their school tour.

It was quite hot that time so we just hang around for the air-cond there and we left.

We are planning to go Samcheong-dong but we got no idea how to go as there’s no any subway station nearby. The good thing about Seoul is, you see police EVERYWHERE. So we just asked one of them and he told us to go by shutter bus.


He just told us to take number 11 bus and pointed at our current location as well as where should we get down. We cant read but we know we will be getting down 2 stops after. So there we go.


While waiting for our bus to arrive.

First time sitting bus in Seoul. And we manage to get down at the right place..yeah!!

The first thing we do when we are there is to HUNT FOR FOOD based on our list!


And we ended up at this small hidden alley..Woohoo..Our restaurant is located at the deeper part of the alley..and i love the interior. It gives us a very traditional feel of Korea.


Found it! Our lunch place.


This is what we ordered.


Sorry i have a bias to eggs :p

The food was REALLY nice! I ordered their kimchi soup while my friends order bibimbap, its a signature Korean dish which means mixed rice..Their chicken, fried eggs and all the side dishes taste DA BOMB!


We explore around Samcheong-dong after we finish our lunch..And we saw this! Anyone remember this place? Hehehehee.



Screen Shot 2014-07-31

You will know this place if you watch Running Man.


Gary and Ji Hyo took a photo here as well. Of coz we must do the same too lol

Continue exploring..


Oh yeah we bought our nice spec, hat and some accessories there too.



I really love this place because of the artistic architecture.. Its just different to the big city with all the shopping malls and buildings. And most importantly, the area is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, accessories shop or even art galleries.

If not mistaken, you are able to reach Samcheong-dong by subway, just get down at Anguk Station (Line3).

If you visited Samcheong-dong, make sure to visit Bukchon Hanok Village!


Go to one of the cafe there, Cafe Kona Queens.

Such perfect combination to boost up our energy after long hours of walking.


Saw this scene when we walking. There’re a few groups of policemen with 8-10 in each group. They put their stuffs on the ground, standing there for a while, turn their body and then dismiss. I’m not sure what they are doing but this is really something interesting hahaa.


Next, we walk for around 10 minutes to Insa-dong. Followed the Naver app that i installed in my phone.


Insa-dong is a famous place in Seoul where all the old but precious and traditional goods are on display.


Street performance.

DSC_1863_1 DSC_1867_1 DSC_1871_1   DSC_1878_1 DSC_1880_1



Candid shot of me walking in Insa-dong.


Hello G-DRAGON. Haha one of the reason i love Korea is you are able to see how the shops there display the kpop celebrities, its EVERYWHERE. It makes the whole place look younger and lively, no?



I had this. Haha the shape looks like shit, as in shit literally.

Its a hot bun with red bean filling, its soooo yummy ok..

Oh, i remembered i bought my Starbucks tumbler there.


Its a limited edition tumbler that celebrates their 15 years of excellence in Korea. Look at the design..Damn.

19,000 Won which around RM60+. I bought two and i get 2 free vouchers to redeem free Starbucks drink. Woohooooo.

We travel back our guesthouse with the subway station that is nearest to us that time.

Jonggak(Line1) >> Dongdaemun(Line1 transfer to Line 4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)



Btw, this is the underground shopping centre in Myeong-dong subway station. Well, i wouldn’t call it shopping centre coz its just a few rows of boutiques.

Walking up our way up to our guesthouse. I love the peaceful surrounding there.




We get our rest before we leave for our dinner at Myeong-dong night market.


Our food..Its a whole big plate of chicken with glass noodle , its soooooo spicy but thank god we have rice to go along with it. But this is really nice though as it somehow taste like chinese cuisine. lol

I remembered we ordered the big one but we then realised its too expensive, so we changed it to medium. Medium one already powerful to make our tongue, go numb, i cant believe what if we still go with the big one. hhaha.


Dinner place.


Its a sin if you don’t eat this. My tummy always have space for all the snacks.

Egg bun, i love the texture and taste of the crispy bun. Not sure if its 2000 or 3000 Won.


Another candid shot of me walking in Myeong-dong.


And bought this milk at one of the convenience stall while walking the way back. Its something like vitagen in Malaysia but if you been to Thailand, you have definitely try their vitagen there before. This is not bad, have to admit Thailand one taste better hehee.

Ok, thats it for day 2!

Korea Trip Day 1

Its always my dream to travel to Korea, or more to like me and my ex-classmates dream to go travelling together. After considering for 2830147113820 times, we finally booked our September flight to Korea in April, which gave us a total of 5 months to prepare.

Accommodation is included in the package which we booked from Air Asia, so basically we only started to plan our itinerary like 2-3 months before our trip.

Its already September in a blink of eyes and of course i got so excited for this time to come.

1   10624243_300036863517133_684376457_n

Reached airport in 5am as our flight is in 8am. First time going to KLIA2 and whoa, it looks like shopping mall more than an airport. =)

Its a 6 hours+ flight and woot~

Yay! We are reaching Korea lol.

Landed in Incheon International Airport! It feels so amazing and surreal to know im already here.

Im already in love with the place even though im just in the airport. All the beautiful faces on the billboards, and most importantly, LOVEEEEE all their color mood which look extremely comfortable for the eye. As a designer myself, i tend to be more sensitive to this.

Once settled all the procedures, we then go collect our wifi routers that we already reserved from olleh website(one of the telco provider in Korea). Before i continue writing for our trip, i have to give a big thumbs up for this service. It only took me like 5 minutes to reserve online, and 5 minutes to collect, and we are already able to go online overseas.

The router is able to connect up to 5 devices. and it only cost 5500KRW/day which is only around RM18/day..And each of us only have to pay RM4-5/day..So i really highly recommend this service if you are going to Korea for a vacation and want to go online anytime, anywhere you want.

You can check our the rate for this service from their website (http://roaming.kt.com/renewal/eng/wibro/price_info.asp)


I carry this pack with me everywhere i go.

We then went to get our T-money card in their 7-11 store.
*What it shocks us the most is the person there can speak a lil bit of Mandarin which it ease us so much that time. lol*

T-Money is basically a card that you can use on ur transport(taxi, bus, subway etc). And u can reload it at any reloading machine in the subway station once it runs out of credit.


We first use our T-Money on our transport from Incheon airport to Seoul Station via their train system,AREX(Airport Express). It took us around an hour journey to reach the city. Once we reached Seoul Station, have to change line to another station, Myeong-dong station which is nearer to our guesthouse.


We took Line 4 to Myeong-dong. Frankly speaking, im using Wikipedia throughout the whole trip for their subway system. Its so easy and clear. And we never get lost at all..lol

Ok here comes the interesting part. We walked quite a distance with our big luggages just to transfer the line. When we finally transferred and reached Myeong-dong, we came out at the wrong exit, which is further from our guesthouse. Ya their subway station is so big but yet convenient to the extend that they have around 10 exits at each station for you to come out from, depends on which place you are heading to.. Unfortunately we made a big mistake, a big big mistake. Worse part is, it is raining so freaking heavily that time. Imagine each of us carrying 2 luggages, taking a small umbrealla, losing ourselves in the city. Oh my god..Not just our body is wet, our luggages and bags are wet too. Uhh, but definitely an unforgettable night. After soaking ourselves in the rain for around an hour, we finally manage to locate our guesthouse and proceed our check in at around 7pm.

FYI, we are staying at B My Guesthouse..I have so much to say about this place, in short, it is MEGA-AWESOME. Will be talking about it at another post later.

The first thing we get into the room is to open our luggages and check if our stuffs are wet and then take a good shower. Settled ourselves and our tummy starts growling. Fortunately our guesthouses reception area has a whole list of recommended restaurants nearby to visit to, so at least we won’t have to crack our brain where to eat.

Its our first meal in Korea, so yeah – KOREAN BBQ! Its around 5-10 minutes walking distance and its located at Myeong-dong night market. The place is soooooooooooooooooo happening and big that we still haven’t fully explore the whole place in a week time, will be blogging about that place later too.


This is how Myeong-dong looks like. So happening!

Ta-daa, followed the map and here we are. Gotta admit we are lost at first and having hard time to search for it.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong



Look at their cute menu.


Frames on the wall. Yes thats the cartoonised version of the restaurant owner, who is also a comedian in Korea.


Our food otw! *drooooooling*

[food img]


Oh btw, never know you can have eggs along with korean bbq too! And you can ask for more if you want, its free! The waiter will just bring a big kettle filled with stirred egg and pour it into the small section on the grill stove..I loveeee this so much because im just a hardcore egg lover.


Of course, its recommended by our local friend to try on the bbq with their soju. Yummzzz

Price there is quite reasonable and their staffs are really helpful too.


Had a short walk around the night market before we walked back our guesthouse.



How can we miss out the snacks from the food stalls in myeong-dong right? The fried dumplings, rice cake aka tteokbokki and pancake. NOMZZZZZZ..


This is the exit that is nearest to our guesthouse.

That’s it for day 1! =)

Bangkok Trip Part 4

Khao Sun..Big crowd

CIMB van! Love this

Some pork intestines or stuffs laidat on the street

ops. which is my planae?


outside the Paragon

early morning breakfast in hotel

the food is really good!

then went to pray in a four-faces buddha temple. Its also a festival that day but i forget what issit called again.


Bangkok Trip Part 3

Before we board to the boat.

All the souvenirs

We are on the boat! We are going there!


Tuk-tuk! Sumtimes we go somewhere near by this! =) But of course, mostly we are travelling by van.

*can you spot our van?*

We are at Khao Sun!

Mr Donald “sawadeekap”

wahaha we bought this! Couldnt resist the smell!

Bangkok Trip Part 2

Before we visited to Wat Pho, we had our lunch around here.

Pat thai

tom yam!

Nom nom..The food is just big thumbs up!

Of coz we need coconut water to cool our body!

Inside the temple..Buddha..


Weather is too hot and there’s cold mineral water prepared for us

Love the colorful city! =)

Bangkok Trip Part 1

Lol. There’s a teaser for this Bangkok trip months ago. But because of studies, i don’t really have the mood to upload every single photos and write description for each..Hectic life as usual. But i know i must blog about this now! lol

Too many photos to be uploaded. So i guess this will have part 1 to part 10? lol..

Two kind + pretty staffs that led us to the priority entrance

Our hotel room

living room

dining place

the shops beside the street

Bangkok city night view..Took this in the midnight

Bangkok Trip Teaser

Finally im back home from Bangkok..Home sweet home~

Hundreds of photos to share with you guys =) But there’s class tomorrow and i have a feeling im gonna get busy soon.

Will try to update within these few days ok?

So here’s a teaser..lol


Redang Trip Part 5

Reached the jetty at around 8am. When we reached, we saw the driver uncle already there waiting for us.

Brought us back to the office again. again, we have to wait until 12 only the driver uncle can fetch us to KT bus terminal.

Too tired. rest there for 1 hour and only we decided to go out for a walk and have breakie.

Sat down at a coffee shop and eat.


then we walked around. there’s this very small lorong.

holy crap we all looks tanneddddddd..oh no!

both sides of the wall are full of illustrations for a story telling about turtles.

very unique art style and the medium.

the outline is actually made of wire.

everyone likey this shop so we did a jump shot. lol

breakie and went back to rest again. around half and hour later, we went out to eat again as early lunch.

no time to look for food. so we just have the quick lunch at somewhere very near.

were still full after the breakie so we just ordered “xiu mai” and “cha xiu bao”.
wow the shops owners are all damnn friendly!! had a short chat with them..=) feel so touched at the moment..hehe..
just felt that we already knowing each other for very long but actually this is our first time visiting there.
after that we quickly rush back as its almost time!

driver uncle fetched us to bus terminal again. there goes our goodbye to everyone and the place.=(

this is the bus terminal.

still not to forget to camwhore while waiting for our bus

three flies

something interesting we saw there. the bus design looks unique eh? and the seats are all in bench form instead of those common individual seat.

most importantly, its still working and you can see them on the roads. woot nice.

went up to bus and endure the 7 hours journey again.

when we reached, its already night.

and its raining..like how we go, we repeated to same steps to go back. LRT!

SB get down at a few stations earlier than us while bro picked 3 of us up and i fetch them to have late dinner together at paparich citta mall. bye

actually learnt a lot from this trip..seeing new things, going new places and at least dont always limit ourselves with always the same thing..also have a awesome experience like snorkeling. and learnt to be more independent..from trip booking until we came back everything are all on our own..

also thanks Jouis Holiday for the planning! everything was well planned and much help was given from them.

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Redang Trip Part 4

next morning, as usual. breakfast and there’s a snorkeling trip. but we decided not to join coz we wanna spend time on the beach. if not we wont have any daytime to spend on the beach.

but after that the staff told us that we should go the morning session one. it is more fun than the afternoon one..ahhhhhh =(( but its too late

panoramic view of beach

our footprints ❤

broken head on the beach? ahh no..

as what have been planned we gonna “buried” sean haha

not only to bury him that simple but trying to form him with another thing

tadaa..the final outcome. can u recognize whats that?

Sean the mermaid drinking beer.

ps: the beer can is a fake one lol. he don drink. =)

after that we went to another spot to snorkel. they trying to spot small shark but couldnt spot any.

i remember we spent almost 3 hours playing on the beach and snorkeling.

what we played? disgusting but fun =)

till the afternoon, faster go back and have lunch. and prepare for the afternoon session snorkeling.

i feel tired ttm..

the wave is kinda strong until the whole boat is shaking omg. really will feel dizzy.

shall skip about the afternoon snorkeling. basically its the same. but this time we see even more dead corals =(

seriously sighhhhh. thought i have chance to witness them.

after that back room and slept. woke up for dinner again.

we went to more more tea inn to look for some souveniers.

and we get ourselves this for each of us ❤

the stupid pose of sean. UNDERSTAND AR pose. lolol

the epic fail one..hahhaa

there’re copywriting around the benches..and all of them were funny. this is my fav lol

so after that went back and sleep. we need to wake up in 5am and have breakfast at 6am. coz ferry coming to pick us up at 6.30am! this apply to everyone that need to have afternoon bus/flight..we have to check our super early. omg so sleepy =(

came town to the canteen and make our own milo/coffee..then toast bread ourselves.

looks like our own house huh..lol

our last pic in redang. =”) so sad to leave.


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Redang Trip Part 3

the night view of our resort..looks romantic? hoho definitely.

the bridge

requested to take a pic of him.

how beautiful more more tea inn is in night view! can u spot the heart shape? sb and eve took a photo there as well.

front view ❤

then we walked around

even sneaked in laguna to see how it looks like

the corridor of rooms.

swimming pool

lobby of laguna..they have live band there.

sat on the beach chair enjoying the breeze and listening songs..relaxing level +1000

a while later we moved to another spot with another live band going on. even a better one. then shibin joined us while evelyn still sleeping in room.

not to forget to play with sand isnt it..lol

bin the statue.

haha. shibin looks awesome.

me..epic fail

look at the sand visuals shibin created. seriously look carefully. its creeeeeeeepyyyyy can u spot it????


me on the bridge.

me on the entrance

drying our snorkeling stuffs outside

our room number..wait. its alphabet. K! =)

so me and shibin played a quick card games while sean went to sleep and eve was STILL sleeping

we played this as well. the multiple us in the room. ya this is how our room looks like..a panoramic view.


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Redang Trip Part 2

When we reached, there’re staffs from Reef Resort already there to lead us=)

oh damn. the sun is burning till i couldnt open my eyes.

lol carrying our luggage and walk to our resort under the hot sun..hehe. look the staff even volunteer to help them carry luggage. nice service.

then at the resort, we were waiting until everyone is there. then another staff came and brief us about the itinerary and our schedule. funny guy lol. then he gave us our room key.

wanted to see how our room looks like? hoho later.

of course, rest for a while and they went to rent for mask and life jacket.

then its our lunch time!!!

its just a normal plate of rice with a few dishes like beancurd, chicken, vegetable..

lol looks very “national service” eh.

and EVERYONE is having the same dish,same drinks etc.

view of Laguna.

the ultra clear water..omggggg

the panoramic view

then they went to rent for life jacket and snorkeling mask as its our snorkeling time in the afternoon.

when its almost time everyone gather together and walked to the spot where the boat waiting for us.

so cool when we were on the open-air boat..another awesome experience for me.

they just dropped us in the middle of the sea..

im still not get used to the sea water.=( eyes super uncomfortable when the sea water enter my eyes plus the super duper ultra mega salty sea water will enter your mouse and nose accidentally..wth. and i will get dizzy very fast when im not with my specs on. luckily friends were there to guide me a little bit. but then i feel satisfied coz this is my first time able to see how underwater looks like. even though with not large amount of fishes, but it still looks amazing! very very niceee..how good if i have the waterproof camera.

Back from snorkeling.

the more more tea inn..look at the colors! love them sooooooo much.

when we are back, its our tea time.

the tea time food not bad though =)

after that we back to room to rest. the tiredness cannot be described..so we slept until 6+ to have our BBQ dinner.

of coz its already well prepared for us.

they have squid, chicken wings, potato, lamb, fishball, sausages etc =))

taste good.

listening to songs while eating. enjoying..but quite a lot of mosquitoes and flies though lol

eve was too tired and she went back room and continue her sweet dream haha and shibin also back to accompany her.

while me and sean walking around to take photos.


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Redang Trip Part 1

Recalling back the time when we just decided our trip and now we are already back from Redang Trip. TIME FLIESSSSSS~

So its photo time! I think im gonna split this trip to a lot of parts to share some photos with you people =) hehehe

Oh ya before that, lemme post this lolol.

my 4sq checkin when im there..hehhee..feel so diff to check in at other places

Saturday night after having dinner at USJ, mum them went and buy stuffs. After that faster rush back home and take all my stuffs and went to pick Sean SB and Eve up.

Then bro dropped us at Kelana Jaya LRT..Sat LRT to Masjid Jamek then interchange line to PWTC. From PWTC LRT, walked all the way to PWTC bus terminal. The whole journey is damn rushed..Scared we will be late for bus at 10pm. Somemore we have to carry our luggage to walk here and there. When we reach PWTC bus station, its flooded with people! more look like a shelter after tsunami or earthquake zz..And its soooo hot there. Waited until our bus arrival is announced then we quickly went up to our bus..Until then only I feel relieved. FINALLY WE ARE ON THE BUS. NEXT IS TO ENDURE THE 7 HOURS JOURNEY TO KT!

Talked for a while then we all fall asleep. But of course in the middle of journey they stopped twice. Hmm. Looked out the window, seeing me pass by all the unfamiliar dark places. It makes me felt that this world is really really big. When it comes to a point, i can feel that we are reaching. Which is I can see a lot people request the bus to stop somewhere. =) They are going back their home aww. Gives me a unique feeling i dunno why. The whole 7 hours journey is not really painful actually. Sleeping, listening to musics, talking, looking at things outside the window, observing. All this already completed the 7 hours.

When we reached, its 5am+ in the morning. everything in Kuala Terengganu looks very new to us. We know nothing there..We find somewhere near and had our very early early breakfast. =)

A while later, a guy called me and told me he’s here to pick us up. Crossed the road and went up to his van. Our name are all in his list. Very nice planned =)

Of course, the uncle is very kind and friendly.

He brought us to his office..Actually its Reef Resort office located at KT. Hoho. It looks like our home there. The whole place was still in dark so we stayed inside to do our own things. Mostly camwhoring haha.

the shop is actually very long. there’s still a long part way up to the end. its like a place for us to rest.

what else? trying to imitate the poster behind lol

A while later when the sky gets brighter, we went out for breakfast at somewhere near.

They are still using this kind of metre for parking. In my hometown there used to be this, but this system no longer be used anymore.

Sean’s food.

Mine dont really taste nice actually.

SB’s half-boiled egg..slrpp

ps: some of the photos were belonged to shibin =)

Trading of newspaper.

Observing. Feel so happy for able to see how north malaysia people’s lifestyle in the early morning.

And it reminds me of my hometown. Thats how a small town lifestyle looks like. You wont see this in such a big city like KL.

After that the driver uncle called me and told us we need to leave soon to the jetty. He drove us to the jetty and told us to wait there. Again, we passes by the chinatown streets..Absorbed new stuffs again =)

When we were there, oh crap. So many people are there waiting already. =) Mostly teenagers la..lol

Our boarding pass for the ferry. We reached there at 8. Have to wait 1 hour for our ferry again. Waiting waiting and waiting. Sigh.

Finally its time!

Boarding to ferry!

this is not our ferry. so called ferry but i doubt its ferry haha..

Its not the open-aired boat. Its an enclosed boat with a lot of seats with tv and aircond provided.

hoho. in the boat =)

the sleeping beauty

around 70 minutes journey to reach Redang Island, our destination. Looking at the beautiful sea and sleep again.

The boat is driving at a very fast speed but it still require such a long time to reach. Imagine how far it is. =)

Let me post some photos of the sea. Verrry niceeee.

the sea water turns from a brownish one to greenish.

and slowly it turns blueish! OMG!!!

these are all the views..<3

when we see this, means we are reaching REDANG! I saw our resort =)

Finally after 12 hours! Bus, Reached KT, Wait, Jetty, Wait, Ferry, Wait..OMG. what a long long journey.

Our resort, Reef Resort.

Our boat cant reach so we need to change to another boat when we are only like just a few metres away from the beach. haha coz only the another opened-air boat can reach that shallow part for us.

on the another boat.

Few mins later, we officially stepped on the sand! lolll


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