Korea Trip Day 3

Day 3, we went to N Seoul Tower in the early morning. Its located on Namsan Mountain and just 5 minutes walk from our guesthouse.


We have to go up the bottom of Namsan Mountain by taking a unique looking elevator lol.

Ticketing counter, car parks are all available there.

If you wish to go up the Namsan Mountain by cable car, you can choose a one way trip or round trip, we choose the latter of course.

Its 8500 Won/adult.

You can get more information here.

The cable car only operates once every 10 minutes.

We knew thing just doesn’t go right when we saw heavy fog was around us. Got down from cable car and its freezing cold outside. It was drizzling that time too.


We were taking selfies but guess what, we cant really see the N Seoul Tower which is just right behind us.




Me walking up lol. The wind is so strong that my umbrella almost flew away from me.


We even went up and take a look at the love locks, but look at the sky. The fog covered everything.


Its not an over-exposed sky, but that’s what we really saw that time. My god, so disappointed. Plus i’m still single so the love lock doesn’t really mean a lot to me. #foreveralone


So we walked around the Namsan Park and took some photos before we left.



YAY, lets jump! Its a slope + it was slippery at that time. and we actually took a big risk doing this..We saw many people almost tripped themselves even though they just WALKING..lol.


Love the path colors =)

We all felt so disappointed and promised to come again on the next few days if weather is good. And we did it! Read on the Day 4 blog post for more photos =)

Back to Myeong-dong and we straight away took the subway to Hongdae Area.

Myeong-dong (Line4) >>Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line4 transfer to Line2) >> Hongik University (Line2)



Hongdae actually comes from Hongik Daehakgyo aka Hongik University which is one of the nation’s top fine arts colleges in South Korea. The area is well know for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression.


I dunno why i love taking photos of the messy cables when i go travel at different countries.

We were too hungry to explore the place so we decided to hunt for the korean bbq restaurant, Pal Ja Mak Chang that run by one of the Running Man hosts, HAHA..

We just followed the map that we printed from this blog previously. If you wish to visit to HAHA’s restaurant, just followed the map and you will reach there easily! We saw his face on a bunting outside the restaurant. But the restaurant appearance somehow looked different from the photos we saw online..


And only we realised the shop was not opened yet..Grrrrr, but then we were too hungry to wait for it. So we just went to a restaurant nearby to settle our tummy. As what we knew, sometimes HAHA will be there to serve you! So pray before you go lol.





Seafood ramen with cheese. Yumzzzzz..Oh i love this drink too =) Tastes like barley water in Malaysia..I remember this meal was really cheap as it only costs 14000 Won for 4 of us.

We were having a hard time communicating with the waiter haha. And i can feel his frustration for not able to speak a good english to us lol..So he asked us if we were from China, we told him its Malaysia. This is how he react “OHHHH! *making the airplane hand gesture*” So we knew he was referring to either MH370 or MH17 incidents. Seriously, all these come to their mind immediately when they think of Malaysia..Sigh.


Now time to shop! =)




Saw this at one of the ice cream shop. Not sure what the guy did though..Everyone just stepped in the dreamy smoke effect and took photos lol. Felt like we were in heaven huh.



Oh btw, if you are fan of YG Family, their building located not far from here. If you are lucky, you might have to chance to bump into Big Bang? Hahhaa.

After walking till late evening, we took the subway back to Myeong-dong. God knows why we actually walked to the wrong place in the subway station, we saw almost EVERYONEEEE was running, like real fast, except us..Usually this doesn’t happened in normal subway station lol. And then we realised we were actually going to use AREX, which is their Airport Express train system. Luckily we asked one of the kind soul there, he told us he’s going to Seoul Station too and we can reach there by that train.

Hongik University (AREX) >>Seoul Station (AREX transfer to Line4) >> Myeong-dong (Line4)

*By right we should just take the subway back to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park and transfer there.*

Anyway we still managed to get down safely at Seoul Station. *clap clap*

Oh yes! As usual we walked around Myeong-dong till late night and we decided to hunt for Kang Ho Dong fried chicken that recommended by our friends as well as some of the blogs on the internet. If you remember i blog about Kang Ho Dong Korean BBQ on day 1 post, we went back to the place and they told us they don’t sell fried chicken there. Hmm..

So we walked to the tourist information centre nearby and showed her the photos from my phone. She immediately took out a map and drew the direction out on the map within 5 seconds..


Frankly speaking, until now i still dont know how this shop relate to Kang Ho Dong. I just know its this place is called Chicken678. You can find out from their website http://www.chicken678.co.kr/

Anyway, we ordered their fried chicken.



The menu


One set of Regular Sauce Chicken for 4 of us. Wanted to order their Hot Bomb Sauce Chicken but my friends were afraid that its too spicy..

Oh-mai-gawd! So nice! I think what makes it special is you won’t get turned off by eating too much..Its also not that oily compared to fried chicken in Malaysia. We actually came back here 3 days later with beer this time haha.

I guess thats it for Day 3! =)

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