I won a Lumia 1520!






OMG DID I SEE WRONG?! Yes, i just won a Nokia Lumia 1520!

I have been watching every single episodes of Techduology and sometimes they have all the awesome giveaway, but i have win none. Lol.

So after i attend the #TechduoLIVE event last Saturday, i just won myself a Jabra wireless speaker. Then they also announced a Lumia 1520 to be given away, not by lucky draw, but have to blog something about TechduoLIVE.

Well, usually after an event, i will write something about it, same for techduolive. So yeah, just trying my luck at the same time.

Today i was at office browsing thru FB and saw a Techduology post saying winner has announced. I was like “ok, lets see who win.” I don’t even feel nervous lol. And seriously when i saw my name, i was like, AM I DREAMING? DID I JUST WON MYSELF A LUMIA 1520?!

Ahhhhh..Seriously, it came so sudden lol. Thanks Techduology and Nokia Malaysia for this slightly late Xmas present.


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