Artisan Roast HQ

As you know I did blog about a few coffee places i have visited in the past few months like Epiphany, Pacific Coffee, Flat White Subang, Garage51, Coffea Coffee etc..However, there’re always few big names that were mentioned by coffee lovers. One of them was Artisan Roast.

Artisan Roast was listed one of the 20 must-visit cafes in Klang Valley. And everyone was talking about their cheese cake! However, this time i went to the one in Seksyen 13!

If you are going via your GPS, do not freak out if you feel your GPS somehow bringing u to the wrong place..Because its located at an industrial area, quite a hidden place though lol.

The place is quite spacious though with few different types of tables that able to fit diff amount of people. When im there, the whole place is quite empty, which makes it feel relaxing and peaceful.

There’re two levels for seating. And also outdoor seating as well.

Latte(RM11) and cheesecake (RM10). Price is stillllll reasonable la, because their cheesecake is quite a big slice though and IT’S REALLY NICEEEEEE.

Had my first bite on the cheesecake and a sip of latte after that, oh my gosh, i feel like i’m in heaven. What a perfect combination! They have other types of cakes as well, but seriously this is a must-try.

For their coffee, i really love it! The whole experience is just great, with a perfect temperature that suit me a lot..*not sure if you can request for a different coffee art, i didn’t ask*

Nice coffee, nice cake, nice ambience. A great place to chill out with friends/ family while enjoying good music at the same time 🙂 Well, this definitely my most fav coffee place so far and definitely going to come here again.

p/s: just something that i don like, the self-service. haha, ops im a lazy person and i think it will be good if there’s someone to serve us. hmmm..also for those clumsy ass, you no need to worry you might spill your coffee or drop your cakes loll.

You can visit their Facebook page or website for more info.

Jalan 13/2, S13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact no
03-7931 8978

Business hour
8.00am-12.00am (Mon-Sun)

#TechduoLIVE 2013

Yes, the long-awaiting TechduoLIVE just happened yesterday!

So what’s TechduoLIVE? An annual event organised by Techduology in 2011! This is the 3rd TechduoLIVE and i been to the 2nd one, so no way i’m going to miss the 3rd one 🙂

Techduology is basically the videocast hosted by Jason Goh aka Smashpop and Ben, DJ from FlyFM that provides tech lovers with the latest tech news, gadget reviews & apps/games. And they have been giving out soooo many big stuffs out throughout these years!

This time its not located at Starbucks, but Coffee Bean at Subang SS15.

Reached there at 2.30pm, and made a new friend there immediately lol:) My lucky draw number, 004!

The first 4 to arrive lol..Hmm the first 50 to arrive were also provided with free food and drinks from Coffee Bean.

Event starts at 3.30pm, but this year somehow something is like missing compared to last year. Last year they have a big projector, amazing audio system, bigger place and christmas song is playing in the background..

At the intro of the event, both hosts said this is the last episode of Techduology, which indeed shocked me. Because i have been watching all their 60+ episodes in the past 2+ years. BUTTTTTT, they said something more exciting is coming soon. Ahh cant wait!

This year, a Malaysian comedian, Kuah Jen Han is invited as a guest. This guy definitely brings a lot of laughter to us! lol.

As usual, its a must for everyone to check-in on foursquare in order to win something and also to tweet with their hashtag, #techduoLIVE. Lol. Other than that, we were also encouraged to tweet as much as we can with #techduoLIVE because a lucky winner will be picked! Haha, smart, thats how #techduoLIVE able to trend at a second place in Malaysia last year.

For the gadget reviews, they cover cool stuffs like Jabra speakers, Muku shutters, Sony qx100 camera lens, Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Vaio, Sony premium headphones!

From the game that we played,  Casetagram, Muku Shutters, the AWSMproject tee, Puma tee, trip to Penang, Jabra portable speakers etc were given out! How awesome is that right..Not only that, someone brought back the Sony headphones that cost Rm1000+ and one of the lucky people that posted about the event on Instagram just won himself a Nokia Lumia 1020!! Crazy? i know. But the game weren’t easy though! haha. Everyone is so gan jiong with all the mistakes they made. lol and you can see how kiasu everyone was:)

One of the karaoke game lol

Event came to the end at 5.30pm, before that, they started to pick one lucky tweet with their hashtag! Ben were scrolling the timeline and Jason pointed  his finger on the screen without looking and it stops at my tweet!!!! It feels sooo surreal when they called out my name. And i just won myself a Jabra Portable speaker! So cooool!

I just unboxed it. Its awesome! Im loving it!

Lastly, they announced they will be giving out Nokia Lumia 1520! WOWWWWWW.

So i watched Jason’s review from Nokia Conference in Dubai about Lumia 1520 months ago. Its just so amazing!

6″ display with Full HD! 2GB ram and memory card storage and up to 64gb, not forgetting with a 7gb of their free cloud storage. Somewhat, i think the camera is what attracted me the most.

Camera with 20megapixels, Pure view. It also has other features like image stabilization, PureView, Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6-lens optics and High resolution zoom 2x.

The whole overall brand new photography features also allowed you for a much better experience for quick editing and sharing them to your social media.

Watch to get amazed

I’m not sure how the new Techduology will be like, but i just hoping more videos from and also the new techduoLIVE next year!

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe

Brooklyn B is a newly opened cafe that provides New York style bagels. They have a variety of bagels and bagelwiches for dine-in and takeaway.

Begels? Yes, begels! Seriously i have never heard of this before previously haha. I just know that its just famous in those western countries because its easy to eat, light but yet its very filling. Definitely something great to have for breakfast!

My Nutella begels. (RM5.50)

Yup, it looks like doughnut but IT IS NOT! Well, i cant describe how it tastes like, but definitely its not something soft and different from doughnut lol. If you want something even more filling, they have stuffs like burgers etc.

If you are heading there just for some light food, yes, BEGELS! Other than Nutella begels, they also have other options like Cheese, Butter, Peanut butter etc.

Environment is good too! Absolutely a comfy place for you to chill out with your friends or families with combination of begels and tea. And wifi is ready as well. As for people that smokes, places are ready for you too 🙂

Brooklyn B is opened by my senior, yeap a young design graduates that love f&b so much 🙂 All the best Chris!

It is formed by a group of young entrepreneurs that comes from different background. They need your support!

You can visit their Facebook page or their website for more info.

41, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 15/8A, SS15, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
*right opposite Asia Cafe*

Contact no
03-5611 6553

Operating hours
03-5611 6553

Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara

Finally had my steamboat craving fixed! I think the last time i had steamboat is on last year? lol.

Always passed by but didnt really get to eat here.

Yeap its Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara!

We ordered 3 pax ( RM15.50/set). As usual, prawns, crab meat stick, tofu, fishball, eggs etc.

And 2 sets of pork slice! Yumzz..(RM7.90/set)

and we had both Tom yam and clear soup base..nom nom..I love their Tom yam. Spicy enough for me. 🙂

I heard about their signature claypot porridge too but never get to try.

For steamboat price wise, i think its reasonable, that is why they are FULL HOUSE most of the time. Its like only RM10-15 per pax when other place it costs you like around RM20 or even more. One of the reason is that, this is not a steamboat buffet. But still its enough to fill your empty stomach. And food was up to standard too.

They have other outlets in PJ and KL. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

23-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours
5pm – 12am (daily)

Contact no

I’m Spicy

I’m Spicy is actually a thai food restaurant 

When you go for lunch, the actually have lunch set that provides a few choices of food and come with a drink. The set is RM12 and RM1 additional to change your drink to House Drink. Yap, House Drink is actually their lemongrass drink. 

So in their set lunch, they have patthai, tomyam noodle, tomyam rice, basil fried rice, green curry chicken etc. And i ordered their “tom yam gai”. Its actually tomyam soup with stewed chicken in it. And it comes with a rice as well. If you wan noodle, its “tom yam moo”. 

Hmm. Not bad though and its getting more and more spicy after you drink it. But it will be damn awesome if there’s seafood inside lol.

Seriously, the RM1 worth for your money! I just love this!

Ok, for the food, i wouldn’t say its VERYYY nice, but maybe just enough to fix your Thai food craving. It actually serves in a quite small portion too.. Even some of my girl friends feel its a lil bit small for them. Because of the portion, i think its slightly too pricey for me. With GST, total up its like almost RM15/pax.

Service wise, my friend that ordered patthai had their food served quite fast. For the tomyam one, it actually takes around 30 mins to serve if im not wrong after all my friends have finish eating. As for environment, i kinda like that place. Comfy looking interior with great air conditioning, especially good for people like me that had their Tom yam..:)

1, Ground Floor, Jalan 17/45 46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
GPS: N3 07.122 E101 37.782

Operating Hours
Tue – Sun: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

Contact no
03-7954 2281

You can visit their Facebook page to know more.

Ah Wet Thai Cafe

Last year i have blogged about this Ah Roy Thai food, but in fact there’s another branch with a almost similar but different name at Yulek.

Baked sotong


Famous pineapple fried rice

Steam fish


Pork!! OMG THIS IS DA BOMB! just damn delicious!

Seriously all the food are really nice, no joke. Their pork, chicken, sotong, fish is a MUST to order..

If you happened to be around here, its a must to try..Not only this, they have other seafood like crab as well!

8 Jalan Kaskas 3, Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact no
+60 3-9131 9838

Operating hours
11am – 4pm & 6pm – 12am

Or you can visit their website to know about their menu as well their other stores.

Coffea Coffee @ SS15

Been hearing about this place recently..with their Peanut Butter Latte. Yeap! Peanut butter..I’m a peanut butter lover and i get freaking excited for this lol.

Decided went with my another coffee lover friend, Zac. I even get treat from him lol.

Yes its located at Subang SS15! They have another branch in Bangsar though.

In Subang SS15, its just located at one of the shop lots facing directly to Neway Karaoke..Super easy to find.

The interior.

So we ordered two peanut butter latte. (RM12/each)

I love this! A normal latte that is more milky and don’t have too much coffee smell in it..Well the peanut butter taste is not that strong as what i expect. Will try to ask if we can ask for more amount next time haha..But still i think its very nice! Really worth for the try.

They are really good in their coffee art also. I heard you can request coffee art from them..Like panda, lion, butterfly etc. Next time i shall order a cappuccino and request something nice! hahhaa..

JUST ENJOY. Their slogan lol
Environment wise, there’re downstairs and upstairs to be seated. I kinda love their wooden interior look.
If you are a smoker, no worries. Upstairs there’s a section for you too. They don’t discriminate! =)
But one thing is that i feel it’s a bit noisy. Lol, all the customers are talking too loud. It will be perfect if the place can be slightly more peaceful so we can enjoy the coffee better. loll
Yup, overall i think its a really good place..Definitely going to pay my second visit there soon.
A-10, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
No. 8 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact no:
03 2201 3338
Operating hours:
9am – 12am, Everyday

myBurgerLab @ Seapark

You know..When you are staying in PJ, how can you dont know about BurgerLab right?! Been to quite a few famous burger shops around Subang, so wanted to give myself a try for this most famous burger =)

So we decided to go there for dinner today.

The shop opened at 5pm and believe it onot. There’re people queuing before the shop opens. So we think its better to go there slightly later, like almost 7pm.

Its located at Seapark SS2..When we reached, homaigosh. The queue is super long until the next few shops and inside the shop is cramped with people. We actually waited for more than 30 mins to order.

This is what i ordered. Its called “SayCheese Chicken”..Comes in a set with fries and refillable drinks..Of course all the burgers they provided can choose either beef or chicken. (RM17)

*They also told me they have some secret menu that is not listed in the menu board..Its something like “Elvis burger” or what..Forgotten lol…Just ask them for the secret menu burgers if you want to order*

So how is their burger actually? I think its really nice with the very juicy and thick chicken. And the bread, its very soft and nice to eat because usually sometimes the burgers we eat out there is either the chicken is too hard, bread is too dry etc. But in here, everything is really nicely made! Plus eating with the cheese, homaigosh. Juicy level +1

But just after this one burger, we all feel so damn full! But of course very satisfying=)

*credit to myBurgerLab facebook*

The interior of the shop.

The queue before the shop opens.

After we finish eating, we leave immediately as there’re still a long queue that need a seat.

So if you are there next time, be more considerate and give out ur place to the others once u finish eating haha..

If you are in PJ and still havent been here before, GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Find them on Facebook, or their website, or even their instagram, or their Twitter lol

14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Contact no:
016-316 5129

Operating Hours:
5pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Monday)

508 Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat @ Stadium Kelana Jaya

As you guys know especially Malaysians, Malaysia General Election has just passed. And we are EXTREMELY sad with the result. Yes very very very sad. Democracy has died.

I wouldn’t say much about the election. Well everyone has eyes.

So Pakatan Rakyat held an assembly to gather everyone to protest against the GE result. And i went. In black..

On FB event, already 40+k people mark attending..In fact i know the numbers will be few times much more than that.

Coz i have a lot of friends include lecturers are going. A few celebrities were there also. And the rest who just went back to other countries after election, they also posted on their FB saying their heart with everyone who is going. This shows how serious things that happened on our democracy.

On that day itself, I parked my car at Miao Sum’s house with Chyau Ling. Then went to his house for him to prepare for a while.

At 7+, we left his house. Its quite near to the stadium though but its madly in jam!! But something surprise us. We see hundreds and hundreds of people walking out from KJ Lrt station. Yes and the people are coming out NON STOP. The whole KJ roads are all flooded with black ninjas. 4 of us in 1 car and 3 of us decided to get down from the car and start walking. Even though its veryyyyyy far but we still do that..its crazy =) and another friend just drive slowly and find a parking space nearer to the stadium.

I cant believe we have walked for so many KM under the rain. Nobody complain, i guess its all because of the spirit. This is just awesome! When we are getting nearer and nearer, crowd is crazy. Just crazy. The whole communication signal just got congested and cant make call. But miracle happen, we stil able to meet up with another friend. =)

Walking together with everyone for more than half and hour, finally we saw the lights coming out from the stadium and the cheering sound with vuvuzelas. Gosh i had goosebumps damn. The whole atmosphere reached to another level!

And all the cars going back to the residential area just stucked in the middle of the road.

Even we know the stadium is just right in front of us, but we still have to walk slowly,squeezing with other people.

The whole stadium entrance is packed with people.

Finally we get into the stadium and 10 mins later we get ourselves a place to watch.

This is our view.

The middle there with the most light is the platform where leaders were speaking. Damn far right. Luckily there’s a projector at the side.

On the left

On the right

Behind us.

A view from the people standing even at the right behind of us

If its still hard to imagine the number of people, here you go.

It has been reported more than 100k people were here. Not forgeting about there’re thousands of people standing outside the stadium because they failed to go in.

When we reached there at 8pm, a lot of PR members were taking turn to speak. A lotttt familiar faces.

When it reaches like 9+, almost 10pm. Lim Kit Siang and lim guan eng were there. The whole stadium gets hyped up once again.

Then when it reaches 11pm, Anwar made his apperance..No word to describe his arrival. Just madness.

This is his speech

Ya Limkitsiang and anwar sit motor to the stadium coz the traffic is too congested! Bravo! We need this kind of leader instead of someone that been guarded by so many god damn body guards.

After Anwar, Bersih president, Ambiga spoke for a while also.

The event ends at 12am..Still outside the stadium is packed..Again, squeezing slowly and walk to our car. Along the way, all the cars are still stucked in the middle of the raod..Got our car..1.30am, cars not moving at all! We decided to stop our car at the side and go to the coffee shop and had a quick drink. We finished all our water. 2am, continue our journey. Reached home at 3am.

Walking for more than 1 hour, more than 5 km, standing for 4 hours. No regret. I feel happy to do a small part as Malaysian.

KAMI ANAK MALAYSIA! We are not chinese,malay/india..We are one family with the SAME AIM!

In PR, we are not hating each other. Truly hope some people STOP ALL THE RACIST STATEMENT TO BREAK OUR COMMUNITY UP!

I get back to home, and this is what been posted by other people. Everyone parked their car at the toll. Yes, all these cars are PARKING here.

A lot of highways became parking lot..CRAZYYYYY

For full album, take a look on my FB

*random stuff*

I tweeted Anwar about a painting that Ivan has painted for him and i got a reply from Anwar himself

Omg so happy..and the next day, someone from PKR Penampang called me and said they love the painting and wish to get permission to publish on the website. hahaa


Weeks ago after I saw JinnyBoy uploaded a video telling us that Chester See, David Choi and Jason Chen are coming to Malaysia, i immediately marked down my calender!

Also i emailed them to reseve me a spot and i got it for the convention..Its an event called REACHOUT organised by 1M4U.

Well, just 2 days before the event, Jinnyboy tweeted saying there’s a Meet n Greet passes to be giving out. We just have to keep tweeting and they will select the lucky winners..I tweeted from evening to midnight non stop and im not selected. Its ok, coz there’s another batch. I woke up in the early morning, tweeted until NIGHT again. This time i never get selected again..Not sure if im not selected or Jin never select anyone coz he never update his twitter for the whole day wtf..After that, nothing has been updated..zz In total i’ve tweeted more than almost 300 tweets. holyshit. So sick with it.

Just one night before, I decided to go for the convention. Convention and concert is different. Convention is the early morning session where they invite all the speakers to give very inspiring and meaningful talk. Well, no harm for going it. I reached there at 6+ and i’m the first 10 to reach. God..Coz according to 1M4U, first 50 arrivals to register can have the free MnG..I waited for 2 hours and finally we can proceed tor register.

This is the crowd at around 7am..When it reaches almost 8, crowd is crazy!

When i registering, asked the staff if the first 50 get the MnG, they said they not sure. So i was like ok, wellll..Wondering how they indicate the first 50 person..At lunch time, went to ask them, and they said oh, the first 50 to register list is here. You are late.

oh fuck this single shit were announced and 50 people have been chosen secretly? dammit..First 50 that arrive but not in the list. How lucky is that. I gave up.

Well, the convention started off by a very brief introduction and a special guest was welcomed. Yes, i’ve guessed correctly. Its Najib Razak, Malaysia prime minister. Not going to comment much about him here before I got jailed. But Malaysians, you know =)

Walked passed me and right up to the stage and gave a 5-10 minutes brief and launch 1M4U radio station and car plate.. Ok enough..Then here comes the climax. Chester See, David Choi, Jason Chen and the host Jin walked in. Seriously the whole hall with thousands of people just stood on the chair and screamed and took photo of them. They are like those superstars with a lot bodyguards protecting them.

They sat down with us and listened to the speakers. First, it was Tony Fernandes that spoke. For those who dont know him, he’s a billionaire, the CEO of Air Asia airline, director of Cohantem F1, and director of QPR soccer team in English Premiere League. Haha..A really funny and friendly guy who talked about his business background. Really inspiring to see how he get success from time to time. DREAM BIG and GO FOR IT! He also told us how his positive thinking changed his company at the very negative moment like 911 tragedy..At the middle part of his speech, he asked if anyone is wearing a QPR merchandise..A guy got selected and he thanked the guy for supporting and ask him if he’s interested to sit beside him and watch the match together with him? Just emailed him will do. OMGGGGG SO LUCKY!!!! Hmm..Tony Fernandes is indeed a Malaysia successful entrepreneur..And he even dreamed big by saying how his company gonna looks like when he bought Singapore airline. haha..He ended his session by doing Harlem Shake with a few characters on stage.

After the first talk, Najib and the other Youtubers left. Again, everyone’s scream almost blow the whole hall up.

Before that they all appeared on stage and 3 of them took a photo with Najib..again, screamed.

You can look their personal photo with Najib at Chester see twitter, David choi and Jason Chen instagram!

Then its Scott Hammel! He’s World Guinness Record holder, a magician, stuntman. He shared a very touching story of his friend. Truly get inspired like how some of the more unlucky person than us can have such determined and strong mindset. Respect much..Other than that, he also performed some stunts and magic show to us. Haha..Very very entertaining and a very friendly guy! Thanks for making the convention such entertaining =) I believe everyone loves it too.

Of course there’re other speakers like Dato Ruby Khong, Ben Ibrahim, Pushpa Basnet(CNN HERO OF THE YEAR), Deborah Henry(Miss Universe Malaysia 2011), Henry Golding, Matthew Supramaniam, Michael Teoh, Nick Allardice..They all shared some wonderful inspiring story of themselves and also urging people especially the youth to do something good and help more! To be honest, after this series of the convention, i felt motivated and also i’m so much weaker compared to people out there.

So during lunch time, happened to saw GushAD is giving out additional MnG..I don’t even remember how i saw that on Twitter since i didn’t follow them on Twitter before that. After i saw that, i immediately spam.haha..And i believe that miracle do happen that time and NEVER GIVE UP..Everything is still possible as long as it still haven’t ends. And yes, i got it! i was like OMG, i can’t believe after so many fucked up things happen, i still got the MnG at last minute!

Met up with the Shing from Gush for the pass. Woot thanks Gush! Made my day.

Friends were already at the concert but i’m waiting for the MnG..what a tight security.

This is what i saw when I passed through the first gate. The rest people are waiting. Then have to wait for the second gate when only 5 people went in at one time. Walk through a small gate then stairs and walked thru some secretive path to the restaurant where the David Jason and Chester were at. Lol..Feel like a celebrity to walk such secretively.

Went in and OMG they were standing there and waiting for us. Shook hand with them and David Choi & Chester See even hugged me..And when David replied me “TERIMA KASIH” when i said Hi David, welcome to Malaysia..Awesome! Doesn’t take a long time and left. Again, walk through a quiet and secretive path where a few security guard were there all along the way until exit..

Phew.At least my dream to get upclose with them comes true.

Then joined my friend at the concert. I missed out the first performers, Mizz Nina!!! such a pity. Then after that its a continuity of those band like Hujan, K town clan, Project E.A.R bla bla bla..Frankly speaking, i dont know any of them and they all were just playing those heavy metal musics throughout the way and we just left for dinner that just inside the campus itself..

Our view from our eating place..As you can see the crowd is not really there yet.

When its around 7+, we roughly know its time for the main role to appear. Went back to the spot and in 5 minutes, Jason Chen appeared. OH MY GOD..Everyone is so hyped up and the whole place is PACKED WITH PEOPLE!! Jin was the host and i think Jason almost teared up with the responses that he get. hehe..Its too awesome!! Couldn’t find a way to describe, only those who were there can undertand the atmosphere.

Oh but there’s a picture to tell


There’re like 5-10% of people that couldn’t are not in this photo. Imagine that.woot~

Of coz hosts are smart enough to keep making the whole atmosphere in a hyper mood like asking us to do Mexican wave, scream together etc..Lets wait for the video!

Each of them sang 3 songs and left. Their voice,omggggggg..Fall in love with the voice..So great..During their time, i think all of them snapped a photo/video of us..And promised to upload on their Youtube..Haha..David even said he loves Malaysia more than his country and hope to migrate here loll.

oh yeah!!

After their awesome performance, Najib did surprise appearance on stage again wtf..Because his youngest son, a DJ is going to spin..haha..After that everything turns into a clubbing session..Seriously everyone dance like there’s no tomorrow with fantastic music blasted all the way up. I think for almost 1 hour..Of course with Taboo from Black Eyed Peas and Estelle to end everything.

Najib even stood just beside us to watch his son’s performance hahaha and smiling all the way when he saw everyone’s enjoying so much.

When Estelle almost done with her performance, we left..So never really stayed up until everything ends.

Then went to yumcha with friends right after that..Too hot, too thirsty.

Well, its really unforgetable day! Stayed in Taylors for 16 hours! Seen so many people in real person, so much inspiring stories to listen to, been through all the up and down for MnG pass(im tired to tweet anymore lol), and of coz the upclose greeting with 3 of them! whee..Also the awesome performance by them,Taboo and Estelle at the concert. I believe everyone there had fun too including me..A different experience on a Saturday.

LOVE IT! Thank you 1M4U for organising and lets #REACHOUT!

Download Reachout Booklet 2013


Dinner @ Spaghetti Grill

Dinner at Spaghetti Grill, Paradigm Mall just now.

We ordered the dinner set at around RM16++..Its kinda cheap though..If it comes in ala-carte, whole set will cost around RM30+.

The appertizer..Chicken mushroom soup. Another option is Pumpkin soup.

No joke. But this is just super nice! Not a big fan of mushroom soup, but this actually makes me feel like having another bowl. The taste not too strong and the ingredients is a lot! (Y)!

Main course..The seafood pasta. Uhm..Looks ok though..But frankly speaking the taste is not there yet.

For ala-carte, this cost RM29.

The desserts..One scoop of ice

And the set include soft drinks also.

Other than the set one, we also order…


Pepperoni pizza.



Not sure what is this call..With grilled chicken..The chicken taste good though..


Aglio olio..

All the one that is not included in the set cost RM20+

Uhm..Food still acceptable..But the price is too high for the satisfaction we had..

The dinner set still acceptable..Kinda worth it. Just that they really have to improve their food.


p/s : It will be a lengthy post. teehee.=)

Yes i’ve been watching the Techduology video since episode 1 and now its already episode 43! It has already been 1 year plus! OMG TIME FLIES! I remember during their techduoLIVE in May, i did not attend.

So whats techduoLIVE? Basically techduoLIVE means everyone was invited to the place and sit down and listen to the tech news LIVE with gadget review going LIVE and of coz GADGET GIVEAWAY!

TECHDUOLOGY in LIVE! hosted by blogger,Jason aka and Ben from flyfm.

This time HOW CAN I MISS IT RIGHT?!!!! So excited for this..Because 1 word- AWESOME.

Look at the sponsors! It reached up to a number of 10!

Reached Taylors lakeside at 2.30..Wow, its so big lol..Parked my car and went to look for Starbucks! Yes they hold their first and second events at Starbucks..

Crowd is not much yet..

Enter and get myself a seat and saw Jason and Ben were busying preparing. 3pm, we were the first 50 to reach and there’re goodies for us! lol

LINE stickers, Techduology calender and some flyers. You can see it later.

Then crowd is getting more and more..Then Chenelle and Nadia,special guests reached!

Before the event started, we were also provided with free food and drinks..Thanks to StarbucksMY!

We also check in the #techduolive starbucks with the hastag for the event of the day! =) And scary to see the amount of tweets coming in..coz Ben showing the tweets on projector.

Event started with the usual one, tech news..Viral videos in 2012, what to give to the people u hate during christmas bla bla..

The its lucky draw time..A few got selected to get free mugs sponsored by Starbucks.

Also two Sony headphones were given out..Winner chosen by Nadia and Chenelle..

Then its gadget review time..

its NOKIA LUMIA 920!

Nadia and chenelle at the back lol..Seriously its so god damn coool the new features..Love the erasing object and kids corner features..

When its announced that its going to be given away everyone went crazy. lol..You have to take picture of them and upload on fb and mention whats the two features that u like..Yeah..all the conditions to win are very fun and socialise! Sponsored by NOKIA!

so damn heartache to see it drop to other people

Yes this is the BABY! Sony MDR-1R headphone! Sponsored by SONY!

OMGGGG..I always wanted to get a headphone but its expensive u know..Those who submitted the techduology entries, 6 will get selected and the 6 of them MUST BE ON THE SPOT! but 3 were there and 3 were not..Im there but im not the lucky 6..OMG..sadddd..

Then the lucky 3 person stood in front and tell everyone WHY they want the headphone..Then the one that has the loudest cheers from audiences will win it back..The winner’s answer “BECAUSE ITS FREE”..haha people love something that is straightforward and short. Another OUCH for me..

They also introduced another SONY products like Sony duo 11 and Sony SmartWatch..They look so sexy! especially sony smart watch..The mobility is a BIG WIN! But no giveaway..Lol..Sony SmartWatch will be given by

So basically what’s Sony SmartWatch is all about?

Yes its an Android watch that will keep you discreetly updated and your hands free. It has full access to your Android smart phone. uhm. ya its only available for Android, not for iOS.

What kind of access they have to your phone?


SmartWatch vibrates gently for every calendar notification in your phone. Tap the screen and read the details.


Even messaging. You can now read SMS, emails with your watch!


If you are social-media freak, you can even read tweets or whatsoever posts with it!


If you are having a meeting, you can just set your phone to silent and whenever there’s an incoming call, your watch will vibrate and notify you.

If you afraid of using phone to navigate GPS when you are driving, no worries. Sony SmartWatch can do it for you too!

So convenient isn’t it? It already serves like your second phone for you to keep track on your stuffs.

And most importantly, Sony SmartWatch has the gorgeous and yet minimalism on its physical appearance.

Then its casetagram and portalgram giveaway! I already won Casetagram few days ago..also by techduology..Sponsored by Casetagram and Portalgram..So this part im not playing..They are required to take a photo of two of the hosts and upload to Insta followed by a caption set by ben and jason..Yes u have to memorize and make sure not a single word is missed out and also typing some time and 6 winners got selected again. After that again, its another model of Sony headphones giveaway..A few were chosen in lucky draw..

Comes to LINE review..Its an ios app like whatsapp! In order to get the LINE dolls, we have to followed a few celebs and first 3 to show them will win..Haha..Im one of first 3 to follow DannyOne, a local

9 winners altogether..Yeah..Line dolls is getting famous recently..and of coz its LIMITED edition! i don think u can buy this out there? Since no official merch were released.

Sponsored by LINE!

my POV when i was in front..only a part of the crowd

Phone cannot leave your hand IF you wanna win something back! haha..

Yeah my

I won Line dolls and Casetagram..The rest are the goodies..

There’s also giveaway of a few t shirts sponsored by PUMA!

Then here comes the crazy moment that everyone is waiting for! They said its SOMETHING BIG! and EVERYONE IS CRAZYING FOR IT! WHAT ISSIT?

First, we must TWEET AS MUCH AS WE CAN with the hashtag #techduolive..Then Ben will randomly scroll the timeline and choose the lucky one! WOW its a girl and jason even trolled her that its a memory card..But its not! Its 2TB HDD! OH MY GAWSH!!! I WANNA DIE!!! I WAN! Sponsored by Western Digital!

Seriously the timeline is crazy and i spammed like shit..I tweet like EVERY SECOND..I spammed more than 30 tweets for that i think..I think for that particular few minutes, hundreds and hundreds tweets were sent out! or thousands?!

Then the event was announced come to the end..


BEFORE THAT. ONE LAST THING..they said..and everyone gets nervous again. YES ITS ANOTHER NOKIA LUMIA 920 to be given away! Now its not by tweeting or what..Nothing to do with typing..But u MIGHT NEED YOUR FRIENDS HELP!

What we have to do is, now they are selling that set of Lumia 920 at RM9.20! But! You will need 9 pieces of RM1 and coin of 20 cent!

Everyone is playing in a mess! Rushing to the front..But only 1 people passed the correct amount of money and there he goes..Buying Nokia Lumia 920 which cost Rm2k at ONLY RM9.20!!!! wth..But i don bother to play this because i don bring any friends and me myself got no a single piece of RM1..

After that, only its officially conclude the whole event!

Such a great 3 hours..Spending the whole time with ALL the geeks that involve so much social activity..Love it!

So fun and entertaining..And also get to see some bloggers that i’ve followed all this while in real person esp ben and jason and the rest like florence,bryan,weiii,simon,jessy,nigel,ewin etc..But I didnt go and approach them though..ops..Im solo. lolol

Even though i didnt win big (headphones and lumia 920), but at least still manage to get the dolls and casetagram..But then other than winning, i would say like the experience is the best one! No regret attending at all..

And i just like how smooth the event goes..Perfect set up, the whole 3 hours were in a very hyper mood without any boring second, perfect sound with a very high tech speaker sponsored..also how the ipad connected to the projector..Which makes all the audiences can sit comfortably and enjoy the whole event..

Oh ya, are u confused with all the giveaways? ya even me..lets count and see how much crap loads of gadgets and items being GIVEN OUT FREE?! madnessssssssssssssssss

Other than all the techduology calenders and free food and drinks, there’re around 7-8 Sony headphones and 1 of them is the MDR-1R which cost RM 1k each. around 6 puma tee shirts..10+/- Starbucks mugs..9 Line dolls.. 6 Casetagram and Portalgram..2 Nokia Lumia 920..1 Sony smartwatch..1 Western Digital 2TB HDD..

soooooooooo crazy.

With the amount of tweets, #techduoLIVE was trended second in the whole malaysia with just hundred of 2000 tweets were tweeted by us throughout the event and around 250 photos were uploaded on Instagram also..SAY WOW!

Good job Jason and Ben!

I think I’ve contributed almost 100 tweets during the 3 hours..No exaggerating..

All the photos were uploaded in Techduology FB page.

Hit the image above to see the photos!

Before leaving, also had a photo with Jason, Ben, Nadia and Chenelle!

Nadia and Chenelle are so friendly. Chenelle even remember i tweeted her days ago. lol

I is love this. hehe ❤

Like their FB page and also watch their vid on Youtube!

They have the whole event recorded that lasted for around 2.5 hours and edited into a 30 minutes video..

TechduoLIVE part 3..Im surely be there!!

All the best to TECHDUOLOGY!

Dinner @ Grafa

Joined in the plan for dinner suddenly with feli, ben and eileen..Been a long time didnt really catch up esp with feli..

So we went Grafa at SS15.

*photo credit to Feli*

If you wish to know why they have such unique interior, maybe you should read their website =)

Ben and I was there since 7.15..and we waited for two of them for 2 hours plus as they were stuck in the massive traffic jam..damn..luckily the 2 hours passed quite fast though..

K lets talk about the food..

I ordered Tomyam seafood fried rice as Im so sick of good but ingredients are a lil too less with that price (RM10).

Ben ordered this, Sloppy Joe (RM12)..

Burger with minced meat with fries also..Taste good..But its a lil hard to eat coz its too sloppy lol

Feli’s Sloppy Jane (RM12)

Yes a bunch of minced meat with garlic bread and fries

Eileen’s beef burger ( RM25)

Beef burger with cheese, fries, and ham..

Two of them left me and Feli until 11pm only we went back. Yeah their operating hours until 12am!

Other than burger and rice, they offered pasta, chinese cuisine too.

Yes i think they have awesome coffee as well.

Ambience not bad and service is good too..

Operating hours

Contact no
+6 03 5611 7600

55 SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47500, PJ.

Tsunami in Malaysia in 2012

Not doing any assignment but this. Kinda miss photo manipulation out of a sudden.

This time i use water to “destruct” my country hehe.

Before & After

A clearer version

*click to enlarge*

Field trip to Aswara

Before i talked about the field trip, lets talk about something i’ve done yesterday.

Its my 3d modeling for Panasonic lumix camera. Erm..Its week 5 and we are required to finish texturing. For me, I’m NOT done yet. This is like only 70% of the texturing? I think so. After texturing, still lighting,shading,animation etc. God..Long long way to go. But definitely a satisfaction seeing myself that don have even 1% of 3d knowledge but able to model something out in 3d in 3 weeks time. Remember in week 2 i was so depressed when i feel so lost in 3d. Seriously must do it well esp when seeing others are so good.

Other than that, its my motion graphic project. Its a count down leader. For me this is just normal anyway. Nothing special at all.

You can see it here if u wan la k. =) lol

This is the progress of 2 subjects. ADM, still illustrating all the graphics for the teaser microsite. Still have character design, scene design, logo design. oh my god. so muchhhh to do. Branding still ok..and DSM..It’s the field trip!

Again, early morning project discussion with SB and then class at 11.30. Until 1pm class dismiss and they went for quick lunch before we get prepared for field trip..First field trip related to projects i guess..This time we are visiting to Aswara.

You can visit to their website =)

Of coz its an art school..PURE ART SCHOOL.

Got lost on the way but at least manage to get there in short time. lol..Short briefing by SC and we walked around the campus and met up with the head of faculty. And he brought all of us here.

Its a theatre that someone is practising vocals. gosh seriously..It is mega awesome! the vocals..*goose bumps*..real powerful! First time seeing this performance. Combination with the environment, musics, lightings and the voice. Perfect. But this is purely music, after that we went to visit dance faculty.

First is wayang kulit then its chinese dance class.

Traditional dance like chinese dance, malay, indian dance are all made compulsory during the foundation year of students no matter what race you are. ya true. Feel that we are malaysian but we don even know real much how our culture looks like

Seeing those traditional videos might seem boring but today seeing it in live making it so fun. for me..Maybe seeing all those students that has really has passion in dancing. Its just so beautiful. The movement, the passion. Can feel it.

This is real art! We from art world. But we are designing for whole life and they are dancing for whole life. But at the same time, we having the same experience. Discipline, passion is all important. They having tests, long hour practise bla bla bla. We are also creating/ designing stuffs just that in a different form.

And i feel that everyone of them really has characteristic. Maybe thats how usual ppl look at others that are having different professions?

Then also visited to Malay classical dance. Nothing much there..And then its Zapin class.

The year 3 students there demo for us a few times and they want us to dance. Haha..First dance its quite easy to learn but when it comes to second one. Its so complicated. They even wan us to combine both together. hahha. And we also seperate in two groups and dance. lolll..Quite fun though. Definitely a new experience for me. At least this trip makes me learn, know, do, see something that i didnt experience before. =)

A lot of videos and pics recorded. I will try to get them and update here hehe.



Bersih 3.0 on 28/4

As you guys know today there’s an BIG event happen in Malaysia especially in KL.From yesterday night, Dataran Merdeka already start to flood with people. Until this morning, crowd is getting more and more..

Unfortuately i’m not in KL, if not most probably im joining in the rally. Not to join the merry, but to support physically and mentally!

Bear in mind. Those who join #bersih rally has the same AIM! CLEAN ELECTION and STOP LYNAS!

Look at how dirty the election and politics in our country are!

Our request are simple. Since Bersih in 2007, bersih 2.0 in 2011 and now. Our dear Prime Minister still did not give a shit to what people wants. Of course, we must fight for our own rights! Voice out what we want!

Since yesterday night, i mostly spend my time infront of laptop to see whats happening around.

Some pages i’ve subscribed to updated their page like few times within 1 minute. And definitely i look every single of them.

Hmm i guess around 10 lecturers that i know did attend the event.  Friends, i guess even more..woohoo~ Not only people i know but to everyone that went, you guys are the best! Don afraid of them, make them afraid of you.

anyway, so of coz venue is not important! since im in melaka, of course i have to join the melaka one! I was absent for bersih 2.0, this time i must go i don care!

Surprisingly the crowd there is huge! Photo above is only part of it..Definitely the spirit there is burning when i reach there..Awesome..Everyone is just like family. When taking photo they will just joined us holding their big banner..Very passionate.

Bersih bersih bersih bersih. Rakyat Hidup, Rakyat Bersih..

However, as the rally keeps going on, suddenly get a news that death is reported at KL rally area.. Soon later it was confirmed.

One of the victim died bcoz got crashed by the police car while another one fainted and passed away after that. Until now not sure the exact amount of deaths. But seriously I DON HOPE THIS TO HAPPEN!

another vid:

I was expecting just a peace but yet impactful rally!

Watched a lot of videos on internet but i feel that this has gone too much. I should say both parties were at wrong. Where is the peace that has been promised?

May the victims rest in peace… ='(

Thank you for joining us as a part and i believe one day, we will get what we are aiming for today!

According to some sources, #bersih hits around 350k people! Compared to Bersih 2.0, of course this time is much more prepared and successful.

But then, i hope there’s NO #bersih4.0!

IFFFFFFFFFF #bersih4.0 is really needed, i rather the amount of people getting less. So that those that want to create trouble should just stay at home!

Bersih not only happening here but everywhere.

Other countries even sent out reporters all the way here. and bersih even make it to the BREAKING NEWS in BBC UK.

So i did a very simple video just to compile all the pics of bersih that happen worldwide.


also looking how the local celebrities like tracy, nicholas,christopher lee’s bro, coby, yu heng,yao dong and a lot alot more supported #bersih. They even willing put down their identity and join us in this event to ask for a fair politic. good job =)

Overall feel very high spirited because seeing how Malaysian unite together without differentiating what race you are..everyone is helping each other..but yet disappointed. Disappointed at how the outcome turns out to be. Deaths, injured, shooting tear bomb this and that. Sigh..

Wish everyone, not only #bersih supporter but also polices from PDRM all are fine and recover soon if you are injured even though we hate you..hate you with how u conduct the whole situation.


And  lastly mr najib, when the fuck can you listen to us?! Enough is enough!


Bersih 3.0

ITS TOMORROW! Bersih 3.0! This is not a protest rally or against any political party. But merely an event for Malaysian to stand out to ask for a CLEAN & FAIR ELECTION.


Tomorrow event gonna be BIG as I know a lot of people might attending. 100k? 200k? or even more?

People shouldn’t get afraid of government, but government should afraid of people!

All the best to everyone! =)

Redang Trip Part 5

Reached the jetty at around 8am. When we reached, we saw the driver uncle already there waiting for us.

Brought us back to the office again. again, we have to wait until 12 only the driver uncle can fetch us to KT bus terminal.

Too tired. rest there for 1 hour and only we decided to go out for a walk and have breakie.

Sat down at a coffee shop and eat.


then we walked around. there’s this very small lorong.

holy crap we all looks tanneddddddd..oh no!

both sides of the wall are full of illustrations for a story telling about turtles.

very unique art style and the medium.

the outline is actually made of wire.

everyone likey this shop so we did a jump shot. lol

breakie and went back to rest again. around half and hour later, we went out to eat again as early lunch.

no time to look for food. so we just have the quick lunch at somewhere very near.

were still full after the breakie so we just ordered “xiu mai” and “cha xiu bao”.
wow the shops owners are all damnn friendly!! had a short chat with them..=) feel so touched at the moment..hehe..
just felt that we already knowing each other for very long but actually this is our first time visiting there.
after that we quickly rush back as its almost time!

driver uncle fetched us to bus terminal again. there goes our goodbye to everyone and the place.=(

this is the bus terminal.

still not to forget to camwhore while waiting for our bus

three flies

something interesting we saw there. the bus design looks unique eh? and the seats are all in bench form instead of those common individual seat.

most importantly, its still working and you can see them on the roads. woot nice.

went up to bus and endure the 7 hours journey again.

when we reached, its already night.

and its how we go, we repeated to same steps to go back. LRT!

SB get down at a few stations earlier than us while bro picked 3 of us up and i fetch them to have late dinner together at paparich citta mall. bye

actually learnt a lot from this trip..seeing new things, going new places and at least dont always limit ourselves with always the same thing..also have a awesome experience like snorkeling. and learnt to be more independent..from trip booking until we came back everything are all on our own..

also thanks Jouis Holiday for the planning! everything was well planned and much help was given from them.

Click to see the complete album.

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Redang Trip Part 4

next morning, as usual. breakfast and there’s a snorkeling trip. but we decided not to join coz we wanna spend time on the beach. if not we wont have any daytime to spend on the beach.

but after that the staff told us that we should go the morning session one. it is more fun than the afternoon one..ahhhhhh =(( but its too late

panoramic view of beach

our footprints ❤

broken head on the beach? ahh no..

as what have been planned we gonna “buried” sean haha

not only to bury him that simple but trying to form him with another thing

tadaa..the final outcome. can u recognize whats that?

Sean the mermaid drinking beer.

ps: the beer can is a fake one lol. he don drink. =)

after that we went to another spot to snorkel. they trying to spot small shark but couldnt spot any.

i remember we spent almost 3 hours playing on the beach and snorkeling.

what we played? disgusting but fun =)

till the afternoon, faster go back and have lunch. and prepare for the afternoon session snorkeling.

i feel tired ttm..

the wave is kinda strong until the whole boat is shaking omg. really will feel dizzy.

shall skip about the afternoon snorkeling. basically its the same. but this time we see even more dead corals =(

seriously sighhhhh. thought i have chance to witness them.

after that back room and slept. woke up for dinner again.

we went to more more tea inn to look for some souveniers.

and we get ourselves this for each of us ❤

the stupid pose of sean. UNDERSTAND AR pose. lolol

the epic fail one..hahhaa

there’re copywriting around the benches..and all of them were funny. this is my fav lol

so after that went back and sleep. we need to wake up in 5am and have breakfast at 6am. coz ferry coming to pick us up at 6.30am! this apply to everyone that need to have afternoon bus/flight..we have to check our super early. omg so sleepy =(

came town to the canteen and make our own milo/coffee..then toast bread ourselves.

looks like our own house

our last pic in redang. =”) so sad to leave.


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Redang Trip Part 3

the night view of our resort..looks romantic? hoho definitely.

the bridge

requested to take a pic of him.

how beautiful more more tea inn is in night view! can u spot the heart shape? sb and eve took a photo there as well.

front view ❤

then we walked around

even sneaked in laguna to see how it looks like

the corridor of rooms.

swimming pool

lobby of laguna..they have live band there.

sat on the beach chair enjoying the breeze and listening songs..relaxing level +1000

a while later we moved to another spot with another live band going on. even a better one. then shibin joined us while evelyn still sleeping in room.

not to forget to play with sand isnt

bin the statue.

haha. shibin looks awesome.

me..epic fail

look at the sand visuals shibin created. seriously look carefully. its creeeeeeeepyyyyy can u spot it????


me on the bridge.

me on the entrance

drying our snorkeling stuffs outside

our room number..wait. its alphabet. K! =)

so me and shibin played a quick card games while sean went to sleep and eve was STILL sleeping

we played this as well. the multiple us in the room. ya this is how our room looks like..a panoramic view.


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