Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Malaysia

Its been a month ago, when one of the top hit Korean variety show Running Man’s host, Lee Kwang Soo came to Malaysia for his fan meeting! Everyone was so hyped up as this was the first Running Man-related event in Malaysia and of course get to meet Kwang Soo in real person! Thanks to JS Concert Productions for bringing him here.

Thanks to Astro for the free passes to the fan meeting.

Then, thanks to JS Concert for the meet and greet session as well! Which means i’m going to see him really upclose!

Received message from them regarding the meet and greet event details. And made my trip all the way to Hilton hotel KL!

Then, staff from the organiser brought some of us up to a private waiting room while Kwang Soo was doing his radio and press interview in the room next to us.

After waiting for a bit, finally we get to go in to his room. OMGGG, i can’t believe Kwang Soo is just right in front of me! He’s damn tall in person and of course looking great in his smart outfit as he seldom have a smart look on Running Man ahaa..

Yeah, we shook hand wit him, took pic and camwhore with him. 🙂 Didn’t really have a chat as he’s really rushing for another schedule 😦

A group photo before we left. 🙂 It was really memorable as its like a super duper rare chance!

This photo was also featured by Running Man facebook page which get 10+k likes. Amazinggg 🙂

After the event, hanged out at KWC mall while waiting for Jooyee to join me for lunch. We spent around 4 hours walking around to wait for the event to start.

Part of the queue. Amazing crowd while waiting for the gate to open. Since its sponsored by LINE app, organiser distribute LINE fans on the spot as well so everyone get to fan themselves lol.

Yeah, this was where the event took place, KWC Star Stage! Fans were going in slowly to have their seat. While waiting for the event to start, everyone was busy camwhoring, taking pics with the posters lol.

Everyone screamed when the host came out. 8tv host, Baki was the host for the event night! He’s really one brilliant man because he’s a Malay but yet he able to understand and speak Mandarin which actually makes the whole communication so much more convenient.

Let’s see some nice photos of the fan meeting night.
*Photo courtesy of JS Concert*

Every idol came with hardcore fans and they flew all the way from Hong Kong just to support Kwang Soo. .And look at how well-prepared they were..Banners, headgear, posters, LED board, customised giraffe balloons etc.. Big respect!

Kickstarted the event with him singing..Then playing games.

His singing is not perfect but i really love it!

How can he not performed his signature robot dance right?! hahaha.

Amazing crowd..

There’re a few game sessions with different games and the fans were all picked randomly by Kwang Soo himself..he was so friendly to everyone that get up to stage, shook hand politely with everyone and even hug them.

The acting game with his truly epic expression..

Haha he fed one of his fan with cakes and gave her rose! Girls, don’t jealous alright lol

Gwiyomi while “flirting” with another lucky fan.

Also the Q&A session to see how well the fans understand him. The last “surviving” 10 fans able to get to the stage and he signed the special designed t-shirt for them on the spot.

He kneeled down just to sign. This is one of the reason why i like him so much! So friendly and don’t create barriers with his fans. Throughout the whole event, he keep bowing to fans, kneeled down to please his fans etc!

His “pa-bo” face again, trying all sorts of ways just to make his fans laugh.

HAHA. I think everyone remembers this moment for sure! When Kwang Soo was sooooooo into answering the questions, and he spoke Korean to Baki instead of the translator! hahha..He was so embarrassed right after that.

They also played a short video that his fanclub members did for him, showcasing all his works throughout his career so far. Truly touching and i believe it moved quite a lot of people.

He must be feeling so touching. Wiped his tears after the video finished playing. 

Sang his last song before the whole fan meeting ends. Went down the stage and caused the whole crowd go crazy as everyone ran all the way to the front just to shake hand with him. But the security was pretty strict.

Again, kneeled down to thanks everyone. Frankly speaking, not every celebrities are willing to do this.

Then VVIP pass holders get to go up the stage to get his autographed poster and also a hi-5 with him.

When event ended, the lift was all full with people and the whole multi-story carpark traffic was full of cars. Used half and hour just to get out from the car park. Power of Running Man, power of Lee Kwang Soo. He flew back to Korea right after his fan meeting ended. Such a busy man.

I was soo tired after that. From the meet and greet session in the early morning till the fan meeting that ended at night..Been seeing his face everywhere and hearing his name the whole day..I swear it was really AMAZING! A day to remember..Thanks Astro and JS Concert for having me!

Visit official fan meeting gallery for more photos.

Song Ji Hyo : Gary’s kiss was “good for me”




Korean celebrities Gary and Song Ji Hyo are known as the lovely “Monday Couple” on popular Korean variety show “Running Man”, and in a recent episode, Gary surprised Song with a kiss on her cheek.


When asked on his courageous move at a press conference held on Friday (18 Oct) evening at W Singapore, Gary responded: “To make it simple, at that particular moment, I was a little crazy.”


So how did Song feel about it? She laughed hard, feeling shy, and not knowing how to answer.


Gary added: “Please say that it was hot!”


Song eventually said: “I guess it was good… for me.”


The room burst out in cheers for the couple, and Gary stood up raising his hand in the air as a sign of “victory”.


Five (Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Ji Seok Jin, HaHa) of the seven hosts from Running Man are in Singapore for a fan meeting, to be held on 19 October, at the Singapore Expo Hall 2B. This is the first leg of the Running Man asia tour which features Song.


Song is the only female cast on Running Man, but Kim Jong Kook teases, saying that Song is “not a woman”, as she is sometimes stronger than the other male cast on the show.


Credits to OMY

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RACE START! in Malaysia : Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013


Just designed that poster to promote this fanmeeting event! This is inspired from the upcoming episodes of Running Man that based on school theme featuring Suzy as special guest.

Always dreaming to get close with Running Man? 


After the fan meeting in Hong Kong, Big Pocket Group is glad to announce they will be bringing them to Malaysia to meet you all!

Fans, are you EXCITED? You might even have chance to play game with them on stage!

What are you waiting for?! GRAB YOUR TICKETS LAH BEFORE IT’S SOLD OUT SOON !! 🙂


Pre-sale for VIP and Premium tickets will be going on TOMORROW!
DATE: 20th July 2013
TIME: 10am onwards
VENUE: Star Stage KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur (Level 15)

For the purchase of the other types of tickets, further details will be announced soon! So stay tuned to this blog post too!

For further information, click here.

Don’t forget to LIKE BigPocketGroup’s FACEBOOK page and Twitter to keep yourself updated with any latest information regarding RACESTART! in Malaysia!

You can facebook message them, tweet them or even email them for any enquiry about this event.

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