Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara

Finally had my steamboat craving fixed! I think the last time i had steamboat is on last year? lol.

Always passed by but didnt really get to eat here.

Yeap its Home Town Steamboat @ Kota Damansara!

We ordered 3 pax ( RM15.50/set). As usual, prawns, crab meat stick, tofu, fishball, eggs etc.

And 2 sets of pork slice! Yumzz..(RM7.90/set)

and we had both Tom yam and clear soup base..nom nom..I love their Tom yam. Spicy enough for me. 🙂

I heard about their signature claypot porridge too but never get to try.

For steamboat price wise, i think its reasonable, that is why they are FULL HOUSE most of the time. Its like only RM10-15 per pax when other place it costs you like around RM20 or even more. One of the reason is that, this is not a steamboat buffet. But still its enough to fill your empty stomach. And food was up to standard too.

They have other outlets in PJ and KL. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

23-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours
5pm – 12am (daily)

Contact no

Trip to Cameron Highlands Part 4 – Steamboat dinner

The weather there was extremely COOL and WINDY!

Steamboat as dinner is a MUSTTT when u visited to Cameron..To warm urself up..After steamboat as dinner, you will feel much much more better!

Thats why you can see the whole row of shops(at least 10) are selling steamboat..haha..Strong business challenge eh..

Then we went to the night market..its raining but the night market “pasar malam” still packed with people!! oh gosh..Everyone was carrying their own umbrellas and imagine how pack there was!!

We walked a while then we went back d..Cannot tahan the crowd there! MADNESS!

But we still managed to buy the jagung there as supper..Nom nom nom!!!

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Another 2months ago entry..Sorry for the delay. 😛

This is the pics taken in the morning before our finished art class.

I finished mine thats why I have time to snap pics. Haha..

Finished art class makes us learnt lots of things.


Haha..Here’s the house..Its simple isnt it? But you have to measure everything correctly, take care of neatness bla bla bla..One flaw spotted gonna cause ur marks got deducted.

Then we went to have steamboat together.

This is only the first round.

After finish eating, we went to the balcony of this restaurant. They all busy camwhore at the top there! LOL but not gonna post all the photos.

I just filter 19 pictures out of hundreds to post here..:P

I don’t really remember whats this steamboat restaurant name. But Im not going to visit there again as the food varieties is LESSSSS, food is not fresh, and expensive.

If  you feel like having steamboat, there’re a lot more choices for u to choose around this area.

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