Tryst Cafe @ SS15

I have never heard of this place until i came across with a blog post and decided to give it a hunt. Yes its located at Subang SS15. If you are familiar with that area, its just located opposite Pelita Restaurant or just a few shops beside KFC.

Looking at their menu, i would say their price is reasonable. They are not only serving coffee and cakes, its also a great place for you to settle your breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

So i ordered their hot chocolate since i’m craving for it. Today is not a coffee day haha. Hehe i love the art. Btw, i LOVE their hot chocolate. Everything taste just right and the temperature was perfect!

One plus point for it was one of the barista actually came towards and asked how’s their hot chocolate, issit anything to improve on or what. (Y)

As you can see, their interior was not that great and nice compared to other more decent cafes, things were rather messy though. But i would definitely visit here again to try on their coffee!

Coffee lovers, you should really give here a try!

Visit their Facebook page for more info.

74 Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours
10am – 1am (Everyday except Friday & Saturday)
10am – 2am (Friday & Saturday)

Dinner @ Grafa

Joined in the plan for dinner suddenly with feli, ben and eileen..Been a long time didnt really catch up esp with feli..

So we went Grafa at SS15.

*photo credit to Feli*

If you wish to know why they have such unique interior, maybe you should read their website =)

Ben and I was there since 7.15..and we waited for two of them for 2 hours plus as they were stuck in the massive traffic jam..damn..luckily the 2 hours passed quite fast though..

K lets talk about the food..

I ordered Tomyam seafood fried rice as Im so sick of good but ingredients are a lil too less with that price (RM10).

Ben ordered this, Sloppy Joe (RM12)..

Burger with minced meat with fries also..Taste good..But its a lil hard to eat coz its too sloppy lol

Feli’s Sloppy Jane (RM12)

Yes a bunch of minced meat with garlic bread and fries

Eileen’s beef burger ( RM25)

Beef burger with cheese, fries, and ham..

Two of them left me and Feli until 11pm only we went back. Yeah their operating hours until 12am!

Other than burger and rice, they offered pasta, chinese cuisine too.

Yes i think they have awesome coffee as well.

Ambience not bad and service is good too..

Operating hours

Contact no
+6 03 5611 7600

55 SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47500, PJ.

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