Thinking Of You Fan Meeting Show in Malaysia

Yeah! It’s my first concert that i spent my money on. Big Bang fan meeting in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach but with exception of Dae Sung and TOP.

The queuing crowd was really organised, not that crazy as i expected. Big thumbs up to the organiser, IME Production..Fans have their own queue time according to their ticket batch number..

Security check before getting into the main entrance, then its our first ticket check. When we are walking half way, second ticket check and third ticket check when we are getting into our zone area.

Organiser played all the Big Bang and also 2NE1’s MVs before event started. VIP’s already started screaming, singing along to all the MVs.

MyFM DJ, Royce host the event, started off with some jokes, picking some lucky fans that get to go up to stage and interact with big bang!

ALIVE was playing and boom! 3 of them was elevated up! OMGGG, cant believe get to see them right in front my eyes.. Seriously i was damn excited laa..It was raining but yet everyone was still so HIGH! Rain cant stop VIPs! 🙂

3 lucky fans went up to stage and paired up with GD, Taeyang and Seungri to get dressed by them personally based on the theme they chose! WOWWWW, seriously their body contact was f*cking crazy loll..GD borrowed his partner his sunglass, Seungri and Taeyang hugged their partners, I bet almost everyone was jealous eh! hahaa.

The cosplaying game ended and TaeYang kickstarted the event with his solo.

Then its the poor Seungri, he lost his voice he can hardly speak..But still he entertained us a lot! Still amazing!

He’s all wet

G-Dragon! As usual, its still so surreal to see him in less than 10m from me! Never fail to hype up everyone!

It was still raining quite heavily but who cares.. everyone was still indulging themselves in the amazing atmosphere, not forgetting about the 3 members, still enjoying their performance under the rain. *RESPECT*

Taeyang – Ringa Linga

Seungri – Gotta Talk To You

G-Dragon – One Of a Kind

G-Dragon – Crayon

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

They performed 15 songs in total and that’s it.

Last but not least, manage to witness the YG dancers, Hi-TECH danced right in front of me. Dang, they are really one dope dance team!

I feel its a bit short though but well, this is a fan meeting not a concert. But i still love it..An unforgettable night indeed!



Thinking Of You Fan Meeting Show in Malaysia


Big Bang fans, take note! G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri will be making their appearance in their Thinking Of You fan meeting in Malaysia! This time they are meeting fans in an open area, Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! Woohoo! Beach party? 🙂 Yes i’m definitely going! Thank you IME Productions for bringing them to meet with their fans!

G-DRAGON, TAEYANG and SEUNGRI, the 3 Members of “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG, will hold their first ever fan event “Thinking Of You”  in Malaysia on March 16 (Sunday) 2014, 6:30p.m. at Sunway Surf Beach, organized by IME Productions.

This is the first official show of the 3 members following the successfully held BIGBANG “ALIVE” TOUR 2012 in MALAYSIA as well as G-DRAGON “ONE OF A KIND” in MALAYSIA 2013. In order to express their love and gratitude for the VIPs (official name of BIGBANG’s fans), K-Pop fans as well as music lovers, the 3 members managed to spare time amidst their busy work schedule to visit Malaysia to meet with their beloved fans.

Grab you tickets now via online or call 03-9222 8811 or visit TicketCharge outlets(Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center , Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet)!

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