Da Mouth & Dj Tenashar Live In Concert @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Last Saturday, Taiwan Hip Hop group, Da Mouth 大嘴巴 rocked on Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach..Event is proudly presented by Hotlink and organised by JS Concert. Along with 大嘴巴, DJ Leng Yein, DJ Tenashar, DJ Nikki etc were also part of the performers of that night.

Thanks Hotlink for the VIP passes.

Photo courtesy of JS Concert

We entered at around 6+pm. Crowd was not that many and DJ Nikki was spinning that time.

She was looking really cool though! And only saw her smiled once she took off her shades..lol.

Uh, no offense, but it’s kinda boring though and next, DJ Leng Yein! Haha..As usual, all the funny stuffs she said once she came out, for some might be offensive, but i think she’s just trying to make everyone laugh lol.

Err..I guaranteed most of the guys don’t know where to focus eh..Haha..

Using the gun to spray the cool airs.

She performed for around half and hour and left. Well, i think hers one was not bad!

Then here comes the climax, which everyone was waiting for,大嘴巴! I remembered i was listening to their songs 7 years ago when they first debuted. Oh damn, so much memories and they performed so many old and new songs. LOVE IT! And we are just like less than 5 metres away 😉

The female vocal, Ai Sa 爱莎! ❤ Looking cute and pretty!

The swaggy MC 40


DJ 宗華

Big thumbs up to 大嘴巴 for the great performance. But sadly, they stayed much shorter than i expected. 😦 Was expecting they stay longer though.

Next and last performer, DJ Tenashar from Singapore!

Every guy must be nose-bleeding at the moment when she came out eh..Unfortunately, technical issue happened when she was trying to set up everything, and they used around 20 minutes to fix it. It’s just so killjoy and i don’t even enjoy her performance right after that. When she spinned for a while, problems with her headphones again. Oh no, and we left. Its just wasting too much time.

But yeah overall had fun during that event and having DJ to party with us from evening till night was definitely a big enjoyment as well! 🙂

Looking forward to the next one!

View official photo gallery for more photos.

Sunway Lagoon+Rio

Then 6am went breakfast with Dea and go back continue sleeping until 9..11 we all started to get ready and went pyramid for brunch and to meet classmates for Sunway lagoon in the afternoon.

Those who join :Sean,Fred,Eileen,Ben,Kelvin,Stella,Dea,Zi Lei, Kean,Yi Chau,Fiqa etc.

BUT!!! Things doesnt came according to plan. I lost my pass and Dea didnt go and collect hers so we have to borrow the pass that given by college from other friends. Who knows when we reach there, the fucking sunway lagoon indian asshole request to see the tag by FACE BY FACE and have to show IC. How we supposed to go in? damn it. Spoil my mood man. Then three of the kind souls(eileen,ben and waisyan) don feel like going and willing to use their pass and get the tix and after that give us the tix to go in. While 3 of them go Red box sing k..haha..so nice la 3 of them.

Then we managed to “squeeze” ourselves in. First thing we went is scream park..omg the thing i always awaiting for even though its not scary though. and already been there like more than 5times..hahahhaha..but stil nice.

Some of my classmate that first time went damn funny la..haha..scared till like hell.

After that we went to WET ourselves. haha..But before that i actually made everyone emo bcoz of one matter.

But me kelvin stella dea and sean walk ourselves and play our own thing. But dea is too hardcore..Always choose those game that will make ppl dizzy and thus i din play..haha..i cant stand the sude effect sof DIZZINESS.. After that we plan to play some other games but frederick gang is leaving for dinner and SING k after that..haha..So we have to follow and leave as well. plus its started to rain and we HAVE to leave.

After dinner frederick stella they all want to Sing k but me dea sean don feel like doing so. So we went back and take a shower as we are damn wet and smelly that time .omg. Then we meet at pyramid again for the 3rd movie of the week,RIO!

When we at cinema entrance,we saw our college illustration lecturer. WC,Norah etc were there..Such a coincidence right. and they said they watching RIo as well and they just sat 2rows behind us lol.

Lets talk about RIO.

Funny storyline but a bit flat and plain. Nothing much for the climax. But still its a good animation movie la.and its very loving as well..haha..so watch it if you can.LOL!!



In a jungle near the city of Rio de JaneiroBrazil, birds fly and sing, while a baby Spix’s Macaw who cannot fly watches. Several of the birds, including the macaw, are caged by smugglers, and are taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota in the United States. The box containing the baby bird is accidentally left on the street, where it is found by a girl named Linda (Leslie Mann), who names him “Blu”.

Fifteen years later, Linda now owns and lives in a bookstore with Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), who still has not learned how to fly. A scientist from Brazil, Túlio (Rodrigo Santoro), tells Linda that Blu is the last male of his species, and he needs to take him to Rio, so that Blu can mate with a female to preserve the species.

There, Blu meets the female macaw, Jewel (Anne Hathaway). Blu falls for her, but she is only interested in escaping. The shelter is then raided by smugglers, who are let in by the head smuggler’s cockatoo, Nigel (Jemaine Clement), who was posing as a sickly bird. Among them is Fernando (Jake T. Austin), a poor boy with no family, who only helps the smugglers to earn some money. Blu and Jewel are captured and chained together. Nigel introduces himself to them through song, explaining that he used to be a performing bird on a TV show, but was replaced by a much more attractive parakeet. Because of this he developed a hatred of exotic birds like Jewel, which is why he assists the smugglers in capturing such birds. After he departs, Blu and Jewel manage to escape. As they flee, Nigel chases them through the slums of Rio, and after losing Nigel, Blu and Jewel get lost in the nearby jungle.

The next day they meet a family of toucans. The father, Rafael (George Lopez), offers to take them to see his friend Luiz, who could remove the chain. Rafael also tries to teach Blu to fly, telling him that he just needs to “feel the rhythm” of his heart. After Blu tries and fails to fly, the group head into town, where they meet a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro (Will.i.am) and his canary friend Nico (Jamie Foxx), whom Blu met before meeting Jewel. Meanwhile, Nigel enlists the aid of a group of thieving marmosets and their king Mauro (Brian Baumgartner), to find Blu and Jewel. Linda and Tulio try and find Blu, assisted by the repentant Fernando. Pedro and Nico take Blu and Jewel to a bird’s samba club, where Blu starts to dance, culminating in a duet with Jewel. They are then attacked by the marmosets, but their bird friends, including a Roseate Spoonbill they met at the samba club named Kipo (Bernardo de Paula) fend them off long enough for Blu and company to escape.

Fernando leads Linda and Tulio to the smugglers hideout, where they learn the criminals plan to use Carnivale as a cover to regain Blu and Jewel and escape with their stolen birds. The group finally meet the Bulldog Luiz (Tracy Morgan), a supposed chainsaw professional, who attempts to saw through the chain, but unintentionally uses his drool to lubricate Blu and Jewel’s feet enough for them to slip through. Jewel is overjoyed at being able to fly again, but Blu isn’t, knowing they will have to part ways. Unfortunately, Jewel is then captured by Nigel. When Pedro and Nico inform Blu of Jewel’s capture, he decides to mount a rescue, using Luiz as a steed to follow Nigel.

Linda and Tulio make their way into Carnivale by posing as dancers, but Blu is captured by Nigel as well as Rafael, Nico, and Pedro. Linda and Tulio follow the smugglers, but are too late to stop them from taking off in their plane. During the flight, Blu manages to break out of his cage, and they all fly away except for Jewel, who knows Blu is afraid to because he still can’t fly. Nigel then appears, holding down Blu and smashing a cage onto Jewel’s wing, injuring her. Blu manages to blast Nigel out of the plane by attaching a fire extinguisher to his leg and is accidentally hit by the plane propeller.

Jewel, now flightless, is pushed out of the plane by a falling cage, and Blu jumps out after her. Jewel is surprised and touched that Blu went after her, and as they fall, she kisses him. Blu is then overcome by the rhythm of his heart, holds out his wings, and flies, saving himself and Jewel. They return to Linda and Tulio, who attempts to tend to Jewel’s hurt wing. Jewel is reluctant at first, but Blu convinces her to accept Tulio’s help.

Linda and Tulio later found the “Blu Bird Sanctuary”, a part of Rio’s jungle protected from smugglers. Blu and Linda remain very close, though she also has a relationship with Tulio now, and is now living in Rio to help run the Blu Bird Sanctuary along with Fernando whom the couple is hinted at taking on. Blu on the other hand, joins Jewel, whose wing is fully healed. The film ends portraying Blu in the jungle fathering three chicks (two boys and a girl) with Jewel, as well as lively sing and dance from their friends and family.

Nigel survives his encounter, but not without a loss of many feathers and humiliation from Mauro, who is seen taking pictures and laughing at him and the smugglers go to jail.

After finish watching movie, went stella house to chat a while and now IM FINALY HOME! gosh..TIREDDDDDDDDDDDDD..GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!

Fun @ Sunway Lagoon


This entry supposed to be updated 2months ago..But seriously I have no time to update at all..

Oh well, we have 1year free entrance to Sunway Lagoon so we went there in October.

We have tonnes of assignments that time, but we still need at least a few hours to relax right?! 😛

Before we went there, we had our lunch @ Ayam Penyet,Sunway Pyramid.

Eileen aka the dark child is telling her grandmother story..:-D

Then, proceed to S.Lagoon! 😛

Showing our ID cards to get wristband.

Eileen trying to squeeze herself <90cm.

The first thing we played is the scream park..WAAHAHA..its so nice!!! im addicted to this d..

We all went in together and seriously its quite big inside..At the middle part, we were seperated into two groups to take turn to walk.

Not really scary la actually.

Im in first group so we came our first.

Scared eh? hahaha..The second group.

Then they went to play water..I didnt join them as I forget to bring my shorts..So im the one who actually bring my DSLR around and snap..HAHA.

What you all doing ar? lol

Waiting for the “rain”

EPIC expression from BEN=)

Haha..When they all finish playing this and going for the next one, only we saw Ben coming down from top there alone..LOL!

My camera battery went flat suddenly. AIKS!! GERAMNYA!

So thats all the pics for this! sigh..

I wanna go S.Lagoon again though I’ve went there 3times within 1month..hahaha..

Sunway Lago………Coming soon!

Have been soooooo busy with my assignments and there’re a few pending blogpost are waiting for me now..Shall blog about them when I’m really free. (p/s:  I guess have to wait until December which is my sem break.)

Went Sunway Lagoon with classmates this afternoon after class ended. Since its just beside our college and we have FREE access to Sunway Lagoon for 1whole year . There’re tonnes of assignments to be submitted by this week but don care la..Relax ourselves for few hours first..We need a break.

Ok, will do some pics editing when I have got time and will blog it.

BYE! 😛

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