I won a Lumia 1520!






OMG DID I SEE WRONG?! Yes, i just won a Nokia Lumia 1520!

I have been watching every single episodes of Techduology and sometimes they have all the awesome giveaway, but i have win none. Lol.

So after i attend the #TechduoLIVE event last Saturday, i just won myself a Jabra wireless speaker. Then they also announced a Lumia 1520 to be given away, not by lucky draw, but have to blog something about TechduoLIVE.

Well, usually after an event, i will write something about it, same for techduolive. So yeah, just trying my luck at the same time.

Today i was at office browsing thru FB and saw a Techduology post saying winner has announced. I was like “ok, lets see who win.” I don’t even feel nervous lol. And seriously when i saw my name, i was like, AM I DREAMING? DID I JUST WON MYSELF A LUMIA 1520?!

Ahhhhh..Seriously, it came so sudden lol. Thanks Techduology and Nokia Malaysia for this slightly late Xmas present.


#TechduoLIVE 2013

Yes, the long-awaiting TechduoLIVE just happened yesterday!

So what’s TechduoLIVE? An annual event organised by Techduology in 2011! This is the 3rd TechduoLIVE and i been to the 2nd one, so no way i’m going to miss the 3rd one 🙂

Techduology is basically the videocast hosted by Jason Goh aka Smashpop and Ben, DJ from FlyFM that provides tech lovers with the latest tech news, gadget reviews & apps/games. And they have been giving out soooo many big stuffs out throughout these years!

This time its not located at Starbucks, but Coffee Bean at Subang SS15.

Reached there at 2.30pm, and made a new friend there immediately lol:) My lucky draw number, 004!

The first 4 to arrive lol..Hmm the first 50 to arrive were also provided with free food and drinks from Coffee Bean.

Event starts at 3.30pm, but this year somehow something is like missing compared to last year. Last year they have a big projector, amazing audio system, bigger place and christmas song is playing in the background..

At the intro of the event, both hosts said this is the last episode of Techduology, which indeed shocked me. Because i have been watching all their 60+ episodes in the past 2+ years. BUTTTTTT, they said something more exciting is coming soon. Ahh cant wait!

This year, a Malaysian comedian, Kuah Jen Han is invited as a guest. This guy definitely brings a lot of laughter to us! lol.

As usual, its a must for everyone to check-in on foursquare in order to win something and also to tweet with their hashtag, #techduoLIVE. Lol. Other than that, we were also encouraged to tweet as much as we can with #techduoLIVE because a lucky winner will be picked! Haha, smart, thats how #techduoLIVE able to trend at a second place in Malaysia last year.

For the gadget reviews, they cover cool stuffs like Jabra speakers, Muku shutters, Sony qx100 camera lens, Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Vaio, Sony premium headphones!

From the game that we played,  Casetagram, Muku Shutters, the AWSMproject tee, Puma tee, trip to Penang, Jabra portable speakers etc were given out! How awesome is that right..Not only that, someone brought back the Sony headphones that cost Rm1000+ and one of the lucky people that posted about the event on Instagram just won himself a Nokia Lumia 1020!! Crazy? i know. But the game weren’t easy though! haha. Everyone is so gan jiong with all the mistakes they made. lol and you can see how kiasu everyone was:)

One of the karaoke game lol

Event came to the end at 5.30pm, before that, they started to pick one lucky tweet with their hashtag! Ben were scrolling the timeline and Jason pointed  his finger on the screen without looking and it stops at my tweet!!!! It feels sooo surreal when they called out my name. And i just won myself a Jabra Portable speaker! So cooool!

I just unboxed it. Its awesome! Im loving it!

Lastly, they announced they will be giving out Nokia Lumia 1520! WOWWWWWW.

So i watched Jason’s review from Nokia Conference in Dubai about Lumia 1520 months ago. Its just so amazing!

6″ display with Full HD! 2GB ram and memory card storage and up to 64gb, not forgetting with a 7gb of their free cloud storage. Somewhat, i think the camera is what attracted me the most.

Camera with 20megapixels, Pure view. It also has other features like image stabilization, PureView, Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6-lens optics and High resolution zoom 2x.

The whole overall brand new photography features also allowed you for a much better experience for quick editing and sharing them to your social media.

Watch to get amazed

I’m not sure how the new Techduology will be like, but i just hoping more videos from and also the new techduoLIVE next year!

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