I won a Lumia 1520!






OMG DID I SEE WRONG?! Yes, i just won a Nokia Lumia 1520!

I have been watching every single episodes of Techduology and sometimes they have all the awesome giveaway, but i have win none. Lol.

So after i attend the #TechduoLIVE event last Saturday, i just won myself a Jabra wireless speaker. Then they also announced a Lumia 1520 to be given away, not by lucky draw, but have to blog something about TechduoLIVE.

Well, usually after an event, i will write something about it, same for techduolive. So yeah, just trying my luck at the same time.

Today i was at office browsing thru FB and saw a Techduology post saying winner has announced. I was like “ok, lets see who win.” I don’t even feel nervous lol. And seriously when i saw my name, i was like, AM I DREAMING? DID I JUST WON MYSELF A LUMIA 1520?!

Ahhhhh..Seriously, it came so sudden lol. Thanks Techduology and Nokia Malaysia for this slightly late Xmas present.


#TechduoLIVE 2013

Yes, the long-awaiting TechduoLIVE just happened yesterday!

So what’s TechduoLIVE? An annual event organised by Techduology in 2011! This is the 3rd TechduoLIVE and i been to the 2nd one, so no way i’m going to miss the 3rd one 🙂

Techduology is basically the videocast hosted by Jason Goh aka Smashpop and Ben, DJ from FlyFM that provides tech lovers with the latest tech news, gadget reviews & apps/games. And they have been giving out soooo many big stuffs out throughout these years!

This time its not located at Starbucks, but Coffee Bean at Subang SS15.

Reached there at 2.30pm, and made a new friend there immediately lol:) My lucky draw number, 004!

The first 4 to arrive lol..Hmm the first 50 to arrive were also provided with free food and drinks from Coffee Bean.

Event starts at 3.30pm, but this year somehow something is like missing compared to last year. Last year they have a big projector, amazing audio system, bigger place and christmas song is playing in the background..

At the intro of the event, both hosts said this is the last episode of Techduology, which indeed shocked me. Because i have been watching all their 60+ episodes in the past 2+ years. BUTTTTTT, they said something more exciting is coming soon. Ahh cant wait!

This year, a Malaysian comedian, Kuah Jen Han is invited as a guest. This guy definitely brings a lot of laughter to us! lol.

As usual, its a must for everyone to check-in on foursquare in order to win something and also to tweet with their hashtag, #techduoLIVE. Lol. Other than that, we were also encouraged to tweet as much as we can with #techduoLIVE because a lucky winner will be picked! Haha, smart, thats how #techduoLIVE able to trend at a second place in Malaysia last year.

For the gadget reviews, they cover cool stuffs like Jabra speakers, Muku shutters, Sony qx100 camera lens, Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Vaio, Sony premium headphones!

From the game that we played,  Casetagram, Muku Shutters, the AWSMproject tee, Puma tee, trip to Penang, Jabra portable speakers etc were given out! How awesome is that right..Not only that, someone brought back the Sony headphones that cost Rm1000+ and one of the lucky people that posted about the event on Instagram just won himself a Nokia Lumia 1020!! Crazy? i know. But the game weren’t easy though! haha. Everyone is so gan jiong with all the mistakes they made. lol and you can see how kiasu everyone was:)

One of the karaoke game lol

Event came to the end at 5.30pm, before that, they started to pick one lucky tweet with their hashtag! Ben were scrolling the timeline and Jason pointed  his finger on the screen without looking and it stops at my tweet!!!! It feels sooo surreal when they called out my name. And i just won myself a Jabra Portable speaker! So cooool!

I just unboxed it. Its awesome! Im loving it!

Lastly, they announced they will be giving out Nokia Lumia 1520! WOWWWWWW.

So i watched Jason’s review from Nokia Conference in Dubai about Lumia 1520 months ago. Its just so amazing!

6″ display with Full HD! 2GB ram and memory card storage and up to 64gb, not forgetting with a 7gb of their free cloud storage. Somewhat, i think the camera is what attracted me the most.

Camera with 20megapixels, Pure view. It also has other features like image stabilization, PureView, Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6-lens optics and High resolution zoom 2x.

The whole overall brand new photography features also allowed you for a much better experience for quick editing and sharing them to your social media.

Watch to get amazed

I’m not sure how the new Techduology will be like, but i just hoping more videos from and also the new techduoLIVE next year!


p/s : It will be a lengthy post. teehee.=)

Yes i’ve been watching the Techduology video since episode 1 and now its already episode 43! It has already been 1 year plus! OMG TIME FLIES! I remember during their techduoLIVE in May, i did not attend.

So whats techduoLIVE? Basically techduoLIVE means everyone was invited to the place and sit down and listen to the tech news LIVE with gadget review going LIVE and of coz GADGET GIVEAWAY!

TECHDUOLOGY in LIVE! hosted by blogger,Jason aka smashpop.net and Ben from flyfm.

This time HOW CAN I MISS IT RIGHT?!!!! So excited for this..Because 1 word- AWESOME.

Look at the sponsors! It reached up to a number of 10!

Reached Taylors lakeside at 2.30..Wow, its so big lol..Parked my car and went to look for Starbucks! Yes they hold their first and second events at Starbucks..

Crowd is not much yet..

Enter and get myself a seat and saw Jason and Ben were busying preparing. 3pm, we were the first 50 to reach and there’re goodies for us! lol

LINE stickers, Techduology calender and some flyers. You can see it later.

Then crowd is getting more and more..Then Chenelle and Nadia,special guests reached!

Before the event started, we were also provided with free food and drinks..Thanks to StarbucksMY!

We also check in the #techduolive starbucks with the hastag for the event of the day! =) And scary to see the amount of tweets coming in..coz Ben showing the tweets on projector.

Event started with the usual one, tech news..Viral videos in 2012, what to give to the people u hate during christmas bla bla..

The its lucky draw time..A few got selected to get free mugs sponsored by Starbucks.

Also two Sony headphones were given out..Winner chosen by Nadia and Chenelle..

Then its gadget review time..

its NOKIA LUMIA 920!

Nadia and chenelle at the back lol..Seriously its so god damn coool the new features..Love the erasing object and kids corner features..

When its announced that its going to be given away everyone went crazy. lol..You have to take picture of them and upload on fb and mention whats the two features that u like..Yeah..all the conditions to win are very fun and socialise! Sponsored by NOKIA!

so damn heartache to see it drop to other people hand..lol

Yes this is the BABY! Sony MDR-1R headphone! Sponsored by SONY!

OMGGGG..I always wanted to get a headphone but its expensive u know..Those who submitted the techduology entries, 6 will get selected and the 6 of them MUST BE ON THE SPOT! but 3 were there and 3 were not..Im there but im not the lucky 6..OMG..sadddd..

Then the lucky 3 person stood in front and tell everyone WHY they want the headphone..Then the one that has the loudest cheers from audiences will win it back..The winner’s answer “BECAUSE ITS FREE”..haha people love something that is straightforward and short. Another OUCH for me..

They also introduced another SONY products like Sony duo 11 and Sony SmartWatch..They look so sexy! especially sony smart watch..The mobility is a BIG WIN! But no giveaway..Lol..Sony SmartWatch will be given by blup-blup.com

So basically what’s Sony SmartWatch is all about?

Yes its an Android watch that will keep you discreetly updated and your hands free. It has full access to your Android smart phone. uhm. ya its only available for Android, not for iOS.

What kind of access they have to your phone?


SmartWatch vibrates gently for every calendar notification in your phone. Tap the screen and read the details.


Even messaging. You can now read SMS, emails with your watch!


If you are social-media freak, you can even read tweets or whatsoever posts with it!


If you are having a meeting, you can just set your phone to silent and whenever there’s an incoming call, your watch will vibrate and notify you.

If you afraid of using phone to navigate GPS when you are driving, no worries. Sony SmartWatch can do it for you too!

So convenient isn’t it? It already serves like your second phone for you to keep track on your stuffs.

And most importantly, Sony SmartWatch has the gorgeous and yet minimalism on its physical appearance.

Then its casetagram and portalgram giveaway! I already won Casetagram few days ago..also by techduology..Sponsored by Casetagram and Portalgram..So this part im not playing..They are required to take a photo of two of the hosts and upload to Insta followed by a caption set by ben and jason..Yes u have to memorize and make sure not a single word is missed out and also typing errors..lol..Take some time and 6 winners got selected again. After that again, its another model of Sony headphones giveaway..A few were chosen in lucky draw..

Comes to LINE review..Its an ios app like whatsapp! In order to get the LINE dolls, we have to followed a few celebs and first 3 to show them will win..Haha..Im one of first 3 to follow DannyOne, a local celeb..lol

9 winners altogether..Yeah..Line dolls is getting famous recently..and of coz its LIMITED edition! i don think u can buy this out there? Since no official merch were released.

Sponsored by LINE!

my POV when i was in front..only a part of the crowd

Phone cannot leave your hand IF you wanna win something back! haha..

Yeah my goodies..lol

I won Line dolls and Casetagram..The rest are the goodies..

There’s also giveaway of a few t shirts sponsored by PUMA!

Then here comes the crazy moment that everyone is waiting for! They said its SOMETHING BIG! and EVERYONE IS CRAZYING FOR IT! WHAT ISSIT?

First, we must TWEET AS MUCH AS WE CAN with the hashtag #techduolive..Then Ben will randomly scroll the timeline and choose the lucky one! WOW its a girl and jason even trolled her that its a memory card..But its not! Its 2TB HDD! OH MY GAWSH!!! I WANNA DIE!!! I WAN! Sponsored by Western Digital!

Seriously the timeline is crazy and i spammed like shit..I tweet like EVERY SECOND..I spammed more than 30 tweets for that i think..I think for that particular few minutes, hundreds and hundreds tweets were sent out! or thousands?!

Then the event was announced come to the end..


BEFORE THAT. ONE LAST THING..they said..and everyone gets nervous again. YES ITS ANOTHER NOKIA LUMIA 920 to be given away! Now its not by tweeting or what..Nothing to do with typing..But u MIGHT NEED YOUR FRIENDS HELP!

What we have to do is, now they are selling that set of Lumia 920 at RM9.20! But! You will need 9 pieces of RM1 and coin of 20 cent!

Everyone is playing in a mess! Rushing to the front..But only 1 people passed the correct amount of money and there he goes..Buying Nokia Lumia 920 which cost Rm2k at ONLY RM9.20!!!! wth..But i don bother to play this because i don bring any friends and me myself got no a single piece of RM1..

After that, only its officially conclude the whole event!

Such a great 3 hours..Spending the whole time with ALL the geeks that involve so much social activity..Love it!

So fun and entertaining..And also get to see some bloggers that i’ve followed all this while in real person esp ben and jason and the rest like florence,bryan,weiii,simon,jessy,nigel,ewin etc..But I didnt go and approach them though..ops..Im solo. lolol

Even though i didnt win big (headphones and lumia 920), but at least still manage to get the dolls and casetagram..But then other than winning, i would say like the experience is the best one! No regret attending at all..

And i just like how smooth the event goes..Perfect set up, the whole 3 hours were in a very hyper mood without any boring second, perfect sound with a very high tech speaker sponsored..also how the ipad connected to the projector..Which makes all the audiences can sit comfortably and enjoy the whole event..

Oh ya, are u confused with all the giveaways? ya even me..lets count and see how much crap loads of gadgets and items being GIVEN OUT FREE?! madnessssssssssssssssss

Other than all the techduology calenders and free food and drinks, there’re around 7-8 Sony headphones and 1 of them is the MDR-1R which cost RM 1k each. around 6 puma tee shirts..10+/- Starbucks mugs..9 Line dolls.. 6 Casetagram and Portalgram..2 Nokia Lumia 920..1 Sony smartwatch..1 Western Digital 2TB HDD..

soooooooooo crazy.

With the amount of tweets, #techduoLIVE was trended second in the whole malaysia with just hundred of us..lol..Around 2000 tweets were tweeted by us throughout the event and around 250 photos were uploaded on Instagram also..SAY WOW!

Good job Jason and Ben!

I think I’ve contributed almost 100 tweets during the 3 hours..No exaggerating..

All the photos were uploaded in Techduology FB page.

Hit the image above to see the photos!

Before leaving, also had a photo with Jason, Ben, Nadia and Chenelle!

Nadia and Chenelle are so friendly. Chenelle even remember i tweeted her days ago. lol

I is love this. hehe ❤

Like their FB page and also watch their vid on Youtube!

They have the whole event recorded that lasted for around 2.5 hours and edited into a 30 minutes video..

TechduoLIVE part 3..Im surely be there!!

All the best to TECHDUOLOGY!

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